Feds Hit ‘Deceptive’ MLM firm Herbalife With $200M Fine, Call for Diet Firm to Go Legit

MLM pyramid Herbalife is reminiscent of former Las Vegas-based Equinox International; who was one of the fastest growing firm’s nationwide in the ’90’s. Like Herbalife; Equinox was charged by the FTC for “deceptive recruitment tactics”. Essentially conning employees into being independent contractors to BUY inventory to sell. Stuff you could just buy at the corner Walgreen’s. Eventually, the FTC fined Equinox $40M and and in 2001 the company was dissolved

In this ABC News video you can see that Herbalife “independent sales reps” are told they can make most of their money recruiting endless others; then they can from selling any lame vitamins, diet pills and powder shakes.

It is unfortunate that companies like Equinox, Herbalife and Uber have to prey on people desperate to earn a living wage by conning them to “go into business for themselves.”


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