Alternative Construction Supply Chain Finance paid in as little as 10 days

Nationwide alternative funding option for the construction industry has been disclosed to our IR firm for nearly a year appears to have few competitors.

Sweet spot average funding approval between $250,000 and $5M. But can go as high as $25M on a case by case basis.

Unique trade credit credit lines benefits both sides of the construction supply chain


Get up to 150 days to pay down invoices

Free up existing capital to make room for growth

Extend time between between paying for supplies and receiving your project lines of credit


Stop being the bank. Reduce risk and costs. Increase your bottom line. Increase customers. Grow

– – – – – –

As with all posts on this blogfeed any SOP for funders not already disclosed; save your questions for the funder as mentioned in the heading of this blogfeed.

GLOBALCROSSROADSCAPITAL.COM is a US Vet-owned IR media communications firm and is not a funder, lender, investor, buyer, seller, free advisor/analyst or broker-dealer. If you have a current need for this funding program you must be an IR client. To be a client proceed to the CONTACT page on the heading at the top of this blogfeed or click on the orange url just above..


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