My first employment contract at age 17 vs. today’s trend of exploiters of labor

Shortly after my 17th birthday I got my first full time job complete with an employment contract. Because I volunteered to add 1 year to the typical 3 year term I got a hiring bonus of $2,500. Big money for a 100 lb. kid. The rest of my compensation and benefits included a net salary of $150 a week + room & board + vocational training in 12 different vocations + complete medical + work uniforms + college matching fund + paid travel often by plane + assigned work vehicle + 30 days paid vacation per year. All this with NO prior expertise in anything.

So when I see a rise in employers today acting like they are doing people a favor to work for free so they can get some experience; I shake my head at how many workers are gullible to allow themselves to be exploited. Really?

Since 1993, I have provided media production tech support for various major US corporations hosting events at hotel-casinos, arenas, & convention centers along the Las Vegas Strip. I work with a contract and I am paid hourly with time and half after 8 hours. Sometimes meals are paid by the clients. I also get vacation pay, health insurance & a pension. My backline support includes a business agent, a dispatch office, a payroll office, pension administrator, and attorney support if needed. No, none of these people work for free.

Since 2007, I founded a financial PR marketing firm called GLOBALCROSSROADSCAPITAL.COM. This PR/IR firm is gradually hiring more people or outsourcing technical support like on-call IT maintenance phone support from Hewlett-Packard. None of which work for free. And yet comedians who call our IR call center sometimes EACH year act surprised and state “it did not occur to them they need to hire us” with a contract or they claim “it did not occur to them they need to qualify for finance”. This naive or arrogant mindset is why investors nationwide reject 95% of all deal flow for the following 4 reasons; incoherent, conceptual, deceptive, or no skin in game.

These are the same individuals who think funding should “guaranteed” (lol) merely for the asking but can’t define which specific type of capital they are even pursuing so they can prove they meet approval criteria. They also assume everyone is a bird-dog broker and that all it takes to get funded is to “find” it. If that was true then everyone would already be approved. Especially when there is more capital in world markets then ever before in history.

They also have the audacity to claim others should not charge anything and be held hostage to the remote chance of “success” that the client meets approval criteria. And they assume 1 person is going to do the work of 40 people in an IR Call & Data Center. Remember, attracting capital is only a component of what IR media firms do according to both Wikipedia and the National Investor Relations Institute.


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