Sin City Financier dot wordpress dot com blog feed heading includes Intro & Contact page & simple instructions

Some people claim to be unable to find the heading intro or contact page at the top of our blogfeed that intentionally anticipates the majority of most basic IR support questions.

Las Vegas-based finance blogfeed heading is titled “FINANCE TOPICS, TRENDS, & SPECIFIC TERM SHEETS”
The bottom of the heading includes the GLOBAL CROSSROADS CAPITAL CONTACT page.

Sandwiched between the title and the Contact page is the heading Intro that reads;

>>>”READ THIS:  (as seen in the green at top of screen)

US Vet-owned IR media firm GLOBALCROSSROADSCAPITAL.COM presents a complimentary consultation on finance-related Topics, Trends, & specific Term Sheets of (6,000+) various funding SOURCES programs. (provided as a courtesy – not an expectation)

If you are interested in and eligible for any term sheet mentioned and you wish to be a contractual client (because you are prepared to move forward and close today) proceed to the CONTACT link that follows.

If you want free advice then that is limited to the self-help free consultation finance blogfeed.  Use any keyword for your question in the search bar found to the right.  Be sure to read at least 15 to 45 minutes.  (or longer)  The same amount of time 100’s of people attempt to overwhelm (“pick your brain”) our call center staff weekly.

We do NOT speak for funders, lenders, investors, sellers & buyers. Do NOT ask us to speculate about their SOP’s not already disclosed in the term sheet summaries prior to being a contractual client. (then you can ask them directly)

This blogfeed is for internal marketing purposes only and is not a public ‘Discussion’ forum. (Code for; Asking for free advice).

>>>Spammers will be removed WITHOUT NOTICE OR REPLY.<<<

– – – – – –

Anything one needs to know what D&B listed, US Vet-owned IR media firm GLOBALCROSSROADSCAPITAL.COM does like; (a) contact info, (b) customer service options, (c) procedures, (d), (e) timelines, (f) rate options… are already disclosed redundantly on company website and this blog feed.

Firms providing Consulting / advisory / or branding, marketing, & communications services / vs. brokers are 2 different tasks that; (1) generally take months, (2) not done by just 1 person (3) not free or confused with any broker compensation predicated on what client may or may not do.

Conclusion: As publicly disclosed starting in 2015; all Intake Forms not coinciding with an (enforceable) client contract expire after 20 days due to the deluge of window shoppers.

2 thoughts on “Sin City Financier dot wordpress dot com blog feed heading includes Intro & Contact page & simple instructions

  1. Currently working with a list of signifficant investment projects united under the raising funds umbrela. Projects are ranging from : defence strategy to media entertainment and real estate developments.


    • And? Help me understand that at the top of this screen it says READ THIS. Furthermore why do people have to be told year-after-year that you must hire any type FINSERVE (including IR firms) to receive customer service? You posted this soundbite 1/2 a year ago and I am just now seeing it. One reason is this blogfeed is not a discussion forum.


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