Do it yourself 60 Free Online Tools To Distribute and Promote Your Film

Marketing is in of itself a full time job. magazine for years has indicated that a “crowd-donations” marketing campaign averages 9 weeks. Or more. Full-time.

Of all the 60 tools mentioned herein; how many are known areas where film investment bankers, film funds and sophisticated investors, lenders, or funders congregate?

Targeting enamored fans should never be implied or confused as being any of the above.  Remember; if your not in it to make a profit… then it’s just a hobby.  Don’t tell others you have an investment if it’s just a hobby.

Yes, real investors, lenders, & funders do care what monetizable assets you have (I.E. pre-sales) or collateral or skin in game you have.  No, “sweat equity” is not an answer to the question

And don’t go round telling everyone your seeking equity investors if your have no securities to sell as equity.  That’s called securities fraud.  Real investors know better.

Another reality is equity when it exists at all in funding a feature film is generally only 35% of budget.  This is done to leverage capital and to mitigate risk.

And now for the 60 fan-based marketing tools;


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