Nevada Homegrown sustainable jobs: Las Vegas Movie Studio Campus & Crew Hotel project development preview

(1) 3 story existing hotel near $4B Vegas Strip hotel-casino development. Capacity to 182 guests.

Ideal for not only film crews but also major trade show attendees (I.E. CES/NAB/SEMA), New Years Eve revelers, NFR rodeo cowboys, and EDC music festival goers).  Hotel to be equipped with solar panels to reduce annual energy cost.

(2) 160-acres land acquisition near Las Vegas centered with 60-acre movie studio campus. Parcels to be J/V’ed to publicly-traded film production companies on stock trade basis.

Rest of remaining 100-acre light industrial park slated to be anchored by green building materials manufacturer offering energy/sound efficient building supplies ideal to movie production studio’s and rest of mixed-use park at a >fraction< of current cost of building materials found in US. Industrial park location is strategically positioned minutes from proposed cargo airport with 1-hour flights to Burbank and Phoenix.

(3) Building cost prior to multiple flips in 2016 was $2.4M (of 1 of 2 adjacent hotels for sale) and land acquisition cost is $1.5M.  Hotel gross annual projected minimum revenue once reopened: $500K – .  Adjacent unrelated operating hotel annual revenue estimate is $2.7M.

(4) Billboard & freeway signage minimum budget $150K

(5) Assets to be collaterialized with debt to equity conversion debentures (bonds) then DPO then REIT followed by ESOP.  Minimum securities cost budget $50K per offering

(6) Direct & indirect sustainable Nevada “Homegrown” Jobs projected: 1,000


(a) State of Nevada construction finance to 90% LTV

(b) State of Nevada Bridge Collateral program to 35% LTV

(c) State of Nevada sustainable OJT 50% wage rebates

(d) State of Nevada (film) tax credits for >sustainable< jobs requires 51%+ of workforce be local

(e) Construction supply chain financing in 10 days to $25M

(f) Private sector “Traveling” tax exemptions (can be combined with State credits & Sec. 181)

(g) 100% LTC, no liens against, non-recourse, guaranteed exit-strategy, self-amortizing R/E development hedge fund from $10M+

(h) US Treasury New Markets Tax Credits of 39% of investment cost divided by 7 years    ($7B in new allocations approved)

(i) State of Nevada 35% corporate tax exemption allows for accelerated expansion and debt-reduction

* Remember: Sustainable job tax credits nationwide for coal mines, auto plants, hospitals, etc. WORK for the US taxpayer.  It’s time to quit thinking film jobs as a gypsy gig and treat them as a sustainable component of the entire US economy.


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