Attractive VC and Incentives mix for Recycling Market Development Zone proposed near Las Vegas

40% of the Special Economic Free Trade Zone proposed near Las Vegas is slated to be also industrial zoned similar to the media production cities found in Egypt and Dubai. This specific economic activity is estimated to create at least 1,000 direct & indirect jobs alone. The other 60% of the zone is to be mixed-use industrial. As many as 32 corporations on average 5 acre lots will comprise the entire 160-acre industrial park in corporate tax exempt Nevada.

Another manufacturer that could join the line up in the industrial park is a biomass (garbage) company that has 8 patents and 2 distribution agreements in place. Biomass companies create byproducts like water, diesel fuel and graphene. This one indicates ability of graphene production in large quantities for both military and commercial use.

Recycling Market Development Zones are ideal for businesses that manufacturer products that normally end up at the landfill but instead use recycled materials in the manufacturing process. Such zones can offer government funding in the form of low-interest rate revolving lines of credit to 75% LTV typically to $2M

The United States DOD has now followed the example of the CIA in creating it’s own VC arm to fund the private sector for technology that may have sector applications for both commercial and national security.

A Washington DC institutional private equity firm previously mentioned that will fund firm’s with at least $3M EBITDA is;

This biomass manufacturer would join an alternative GREEN construction supplies manufacturer previously mentioned. Both firms could qualify with US Treasury New Markets Tax Credits (NMTC) for investors/banks alike up to 7 years;

Graphene, waste processing and energy efficient building technology are a fraction of sector interests listed by this institutional equity investor;


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