Components of 35% corporate tax-exempt Tri-state regional Business Incentive + Free Trade Zone near Las Vegas

3 blogpost installments have presented the overall components of a Business Incentive + Free Trade Zone near Las Vegas that would service both domestic and overseas export markets for both multi-media production and mixed-use manufacturing. Located on 160-acres; the industrial park would be near a proposed cargo airport with flights to Burbank and Phoenix in 1 hour. And strategically located near interstate highways 15, 11, & 40; it would have trucking routes to St. George, UT, Kingman, AZ, and Barstow, CA in 2 hours.

The 3 components so far are as follows;

What you will notice is the recurring theme that you will have to deal with the government in each of these components. This includes city, county and state agencies. It also includes federal agencies or programs like SBA-SBIC, EXIM, USCIS EB-5, DOT P-3, DOD, DOE, FDIC, STTR/SBIR, GSA, etc. Who do you call? Does the approval criteria SOP for each agency differ? How long does it take to deal with each agency?

Are you going to need an office staff dedicated to dwell with government relations? Fortunately, government relations is 1 of 21 tasks listed on the WHAT WE DO page for IR media communications firm GLOBALCROSSROADSCAPITAL.COM listed as an IR vendor on

GLOBALCROSSROADSCAPITAL.COM is the only IR firm that is management-certified in both international trade by the US Dept of Commerce and commercialization of technology by the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA). Management was also picked to be the keynote speaker on the topic of DEFENCI capital markets at the 2012 US Veteran-owned Business Association national convention in Las Vegas. The US Veterans Entrepreneurial Act and US Veterans Benefit Act afford a 3% preference in dealing with government contracting with Vet Biz’s.

The federal General Service Administration (GSA) schedules listed on this blogfeed in 4/10 that briefly define what our firm does are;

(a) FABS 520-2 (finance transactions)

(b) AIMS (AD/PR/media)

(c) MoBis (PPiP consulting)

(d) Logworld (logistics)


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