Debunking myths on diversified costs and fee rates in the Financial Services Industry in the 21st Century

WAY too many of those who have never worked in the financial services industry or have a MBA in finance just assume everyone Tangentially-related  to the finance industry (1) must be a broker (2)  All tasks rendered are a broker-task, and (3) the only compensation is a phony “success-fee” contingent on the success of borrower being capable of  All 3 assumptions are FALSE.  Explains why analysts, advisors and financial marketers are just a few  non-broker positions that work primarily  or only on a fee basis.

Finance industry costs and fees has been a recurring topic on this blogfeed since 2010 and now such posts are being consolidated on a Facebook group called “21st Century costs and fee rates in the Financial Services Industry”. The 1st post in the group is called “Game Over for Broker Commissions” reported by the Wall Street Journal. Personal opinion has been avoided in this group topic.

Instead, references are provided by the WSJ and Financial-Planner Magazine and CEO’s who have raised over $1B and branch managers for investment banks like Barclays Capital and producers from Universal Pictures. Even legal rulings by the SEC that state flat-fees before and after transactions are legal but stand-alone or majority commissions are illegal except for licensed broker-dealers specifically in securities-related brokering tasks. This obviously does not apply to debt capital or asset-based lending.

And now for the rest of the story…


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