4 fee options for contractual clients of Vegas IR firm – when CRM invoices are or not issued

Everything disclosed on this post has already been mentioned before so the following is just a recap.

GLOBALCROSSROADSCAPITAL.COM has 4 FEE OPTIONS tailored to the individual IR needs of contractual clients. They are mentioned on the left column of the homepage.

The 4 options are ITEMIZED (A la Carte like telemarketing firms do nationwide), TRANSACTIONAL (commission percentage), MONTHLY, and DEFERRED (annual). All but transactional will issue detailed invoices. All but transactional will be contingent of approval by asset-based funder(s) pre-approving customer relationship management (CRM) client agreements.

Transactional does not mean face value of asset. It means transactional value of actual funding. Transactional fees apply only to ” asset-based financing of verified assets of quick turn around transactions of not more than 30 days based on simple referral of (a) single funding source already in database”. Our blogfeed of nearly 5,000 options serves as a database for client to pick from.

Transaction fees are due immediately at each applicable closing. No grace period. Transactions fees can be paid 2 ways; wire-transfer to US BANK (coordinates provided at that time) or a bank check presented to any teller at US BANK in 25 states including the tallest building in downtown Los Angeles. Both options will provide you with a receipt that serves as an invoice.

Transactional fees do NOT apply for marketing, consulting, biz dev or any of the other 21 CRM non-broker options we list on the WHAT WE DO page also found on the left column on the homepage of our company website. Transactional fees are NOT fixed. Rather, they are based on the Lehman Formula or SLIDING SCALE to transactional value that may or may not pertain to funds raised. Sliding scale means the higher the transactional value is the smaller the commission and the smaller the transactional value is the higher the commission.

Our minimum transactional fee is 1%. This does NOT include the .05% optional branding fee which legally remains the prerogative of contractual client. Simply meaning we recognize the value of credits of done deals. How ever we also recognize that the majority of those involved with M&A activity or expansion capital prefer privacy. So those who give us public credit on top of the commission will waive the the branding fee and those who choose not to will be charged both sliding-scale commission and flat branding fees.

Should ITEMIZED, MONTHLY or DEFERRED fees apply and chosen by client then no transactional fee will be charged.

All the above has been elaborated for nearly a decade. See the following;



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