Recapping: 6 succinct points regarding CRM agreement with Vegas IR media communications firm

The blog for GLOBALCROSSROADSCAPITAL.COM originally had 5 pages. The 4th one was called DEFINITION OF A CLIENT.

The CORE operations of any IR media firm is marketing and consulting. Contrary to popular assumption this not done by 1 person. If and when we do any simple referral brokering it is generally limited to asset-based funding requests (typically closing in 30 days) based on funding options already listed on the nearly 5,000 pages of the blogfeed. Period.

KEY POINTS to be reiterated on this blogpost that have already been disclosed for nearly 10 years are;


1% is not a flat-rate commission

It has always been a sliding-scale rate proportionate to per transactional value (not face value) The higher the single transactional value is the lower the commission and the lower the transaction is the higher the commission. If one wants flat rate then that is what the pro-rated deferred fee option #4 is for.


Branding fee is separate from commission. However, it is flat at .05% and is the prerogative of client to publicly disclose / provide credit instead of paying branding fee. Client also legally retains right to retain privacy on transaction and the majority often do. This is when the branding fee applies.


All the tasks listed on our WHAT WE DO page for the most part have nothing to do with referral brokering. Like marketing and consulting. Such tasks are either ITEMIZED like a telemarketing firm (fee option #1), or Monthly (fee options #3) or DEFERRED (fee option #4) if one realizes the work involved requires lots of staff and will obviously take months.


To apply for ABL funding you must present (POF’s) proof of funds or (POA) proof of assets that are investment grade. Be assured prelim verification of POF’s/POA’s will be made by our IR firm and then extensively by ABL funder.


Transactional fee option #2 (commissions) are paid at close. Period. This is done by bank check submitted to a US BANK branch or by bank wire to our company account at US BANK. The bank will provide a receipt then. Invoice requests can be made afterward if so desired. Periodical invoices will made for all other fee options automatically.


Shopping or “pass this around” = marketing. Which is not a brokering task nor done by 1 person. All referrals that result in an offer by funder but rejection of terms by client will not result in any shopping around based on commission.

Most, if not all of the points above have been disclosed for years. They are recapped at top of page and here;


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