Asset-based lender has $4 billion to lend based off any asset worldwide and close in 10 days or less


Source can provide the following with no closing costs other than appraisal:

(POF’s) Proof of funds/Escrow Accounts with service in 72 hours or less. Ideal for $100M+ project funding requests.

SBLC and BG monetization up to 95% LTV with any bank worldwide & close in 10 days or less. One of the highest loan to value ratios around.

Hard assets loans:

Gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, rubies, sapphires & art

(this does not include silly requests like spools of bailing wire)

Project funding like:

Mixed use Developments

Resorts, hotels & condos

In-ground assets. We can fund your gold mine or oil wells.

Green energy or alternative energy

Transportation for nations

Exotic funding like:

Personal yacht, any island, etc.

Lender has 4 term requirements.

* Do not ask us 20 questions about this or any funder on this blogfeed if not already disclosed. During the course of being an IR client you can ask funder directly. Furthermore, all asset-based funders anywhere MANDATE proof of assets or proof of funds to BUY collateral enhancement (POF’s) or financial monetization instruments (BG/SBLC’s). Keyword is BUY.

* As of 1/1/17; GLOBALCROSSROADSCAPITAL.COM has a zero tolerance policy of people repetitively filling out intake form (literally for years) and pretending to not know a client contract must coincide with it in 20 DAYS or less. Furthermore; for those who erroneously believe advisory services lasting months is free; that is what the company website and this blogfeed is for.


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