IPO’s are so 2015 – Readily available list of financing & incentives from public/private sectors to fund Las Vegas hotel / industrial park project

The following list has been previously mentioned and is not intended to include every possible option.

The previously mentioned Las Vegas Film Crew hotel & and mixed-use industrial park that includes 60-acre Movie Studio Campus features the following first (9) options of financing and incentives from both the public and private sectors are found here that include state, federal & private sectors to include construction supply chain financing to $25M that closes in days;


There is a firm that is always in demand for affordable housing units worldwide in minimum order increments of 20,000 units like the green tech building supplies manufacturer mentioned in the link above and a P/E firm that expressed interest in the same sector at the bottom of the link just below.

An export funding option is an export (J/V) investor that buys branded consumer staple goods from manufacturers and takes all market risks and pays up front to $30M. See here for details;


Business incentive, Special Economic, Recycling Market Development & Free Trade Zones are 4 government established districts that offer tax exemptions like export sales and financial incentives like low-interest rate lines of credit to 75% up to $2M. See here;


Government relations negotiation for the establishment of the FTZ’s include agencies like EXIM, OPIC, SBA, USCIS as well as, Nevada agencies to help secure working capital guarantees, mobilize private capital and introduce exporters & distributors. A core goal is to provide algorithm and telemarketing by our fully-staffed IR call & data center to attract EB-5 overseas investors.

Mobilizing private capital may include Euro VC firm that offers moratoriums against repayment from 3-6 years and 100% LTC non-recourse no lien against asset corporate bonds from $10M that offer a guaranteed exit strategy. Other exit strategies in the form of securities offerings indicated at the top link are projected to be implemented in phases. These phases are debt to equity conversion debentures or bonds followed by DPO’s, REITS, & ESOP’s. The latter is to coincide with our annual 2/20 asset management fee and annual IR marketing flat fee. (disclosed on our website and linkedin)

This previously mentioned project will feature tax incentives and tax exemptions rarely ever combined in many investment opportunities. The industrial park aspect of project is expected to include a investor tax credit in the form of a conservation easement of 10% of land. This investment also includes a guaranteed refund of 39% of principal investment in the form of a pro-rated tax credit authorized by the US Treasury.

This fed program also offers actual financing up to 80% LTV. The higher the private investment is the higher the project percentage of tax credit. Now add this financing and incentives to the 35% corporate tax exemption offered by the State of Nevada. Such corporate tax exemption allows considerable recapitalization that accelerates debt reduction, increased investor dividends, more job hiring, and overall growth. With this combination, exit strategy should be complete in 10 years.

And finally; each of the securities offerings of Bonds, DPO’s, REIT’s, & ESOP are initially to be featured on a stock exchange that trades across international borders while secured using block chain technology. http://www.Funderbeam.com is based in Estonia and was originally invested in by a co-founder of Skype which later sold to Microsoft for $8.5 billion. It is described as a game changer by Wired Money 2016 Magazine and led by a former CEO of the NASDAQ OMX exchange. Unlike other illiquid startup offerings that have “hold periods”; you can now cash out whenever you want with ease.


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