Why the cost of the Wall is a drop in the bucket compared to what US taxpayers already pay for not having it

PART 1 of 2:

JUDICIAL WATCH’s conservative preliminary cost estimates to the US taxpayer in added federal, state and local taxes are at least (conservatively) $110 Billion per year that result from the OPEN BORDERS agenda (just for the following);

Individual cost break down of what US taxpayers pay for illegal aliens includes education, healthcare and uncompensated health care paid by taxpayers, public safety including law enforcement and prison costs (1 in 4 prisoners in federal prisons are illegals), and social welfare to include;  medicare, Obamacare, maternity care for anchor babies, section 8 housing and food stamps (read page 1 of the Nevada Food Stamp application lately?)

A US government audit admits to $4 Billion per year in annual EITC or earned income tax credit fraud by illegal aliens (1 in 4 applications) by deducting the cost of 20 nieces and nephews that often don’t even live in the US (TV news video interview already featured in this blogfeed).  The IRS admits to knowing this.

Then there is $130 Billion in annual payroll tax fraud caused by cash wired overseas by 35 million known illegal aliens in the US reported here; http://SinCityFinancier.wordpress.com/2017/01/25/survey-most-mexico-bound-cash-remittances-sent-by-undocumented-workers-part-of-a-grand-total-of-130-billion-per-year-in-overseas-cash-wire-transfers-by-35-million-illegal-aliens/.

Minimal cost of building a WALL correctly has been initially reported at a one-time cost of only $8 billion. And if the 7% tax for the Remittance Status Verification Act is enforced and applied against the $130B in payroll tax evaders then that alone would pay for the cost of the WALL in 1 year.

Then there is the lucrative racket of 350 federal contractors that siphon another conservative figure of $442M in annual US taxpayer funds for “refugees” detailed here; http://SinCityFinancier.wordpress.com/2016/07/18/refugee-resettlement-the-442m-lucrative-business-of-serving-immigrants-with-us-taxpayer-money/. “Progressive” advocates like billionaire George Soros are among the major donators to these think-tanks and open-border federal contractors posing as churches.

What is the cost to US taxpayers of elected government officials harboring criminal fugitive illegal aliens in Sanctuary Cities?  It is reportedly $7 Billion just in New York City alone.  Now add the other 300 sanctuary cities in the US.

The above partial  list of costs totals over $350 Billion a year that US taxpayers already pay for not having a Wall on the US/Mexico border. Ironic how many hypocrites snivel about how much building the Wall will cost US taxpayers $8B but don’t say a word of what it already costs for not having it.

The next blogpost installment will present the list of steps on exactly how Mexico WILL pay for entire cost  of the Wall.  NO matter if they like it or not.

PART 2 OF 2:


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