Fence builder in Desert Storm explains why WALLS work and 10 steps Mexico WILL pay for it

My hands-on experience in national security issues like perimeter defense include 3 tour examples;

(a) TOW missile gunner on the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) of South Korea

(b) Mechanized cavalry & TOW missile gunner on Arizona / Mexico border

(c) MP for enemy prison of war (EPW) operations in Saudi Arabia in Desert Storm

The latter entailed the construction of an entire US troop compound and prison that held 30,000 Iraqi troops. Two other equal sized such prisons were adjacent about a mile apart in the sand dunes.

Each prison consisted of a graded dirt mound followed by a graded dead space with Claymore mines, gun towers and concertina razor wire. The wire is clamped and staked in a triple stacked pyramid multiplied 3x with a perimeter within a perimeter within a perimeter. Each perimeter has a dead space between it. Each double manned gun tower has a machine gunner, rifle, pistol, grenade launcher, gas masks, LAW shoulder-fired missiles and radio to call for aircraft or artillary fire support if needed.

Yesterdays blogpost we covered on why the cost of a US southern border WALL is a fraction of the cost it already costs for not having a Wall. Now we will present exactly how to build a WALL that works and then cover exactly how Mexico WILL pay for it.

Pre-fab concrete sections with support beams connecting them will allow for fast installation of an outer and secondary inner Wall with a road between for roving patrol jeeps. Each section will be 5 feet below ground and at least 20 feet above. Ground sensors will be positioned at both perimeters to detect tunneling. A graded mound and graded dead space of at least 20 feet will be in front of the outer Wall and include either bouncing Betty’s or Claymore mines with non-lethal salt-pak charges. The entire border will have a fleet of flying surveillance drones with thermal infrared imaging.

Each observation / gun tower will be double manned and include motion detection flood lamps, 30 caliber machine guns, pistol, gas grenade launcher, gas masks, night vision goggles, drone monitoring systems and radio communications with HQ command.

What 10 steps can be taken to ensure Mexico pay for the Wall?

(1) 7% Remittance Status Verification Act enforcement on all wire transfer outlets (I.E. Walmart, Western Union, & Moneygram)
against the $130 billion in annual payroll tax remittance overseas that amount to payroll tax evasion will pay for the Wall in as little as 1 year

(2) 35% import tax of US companies that relocate to Mexico and then sell to the US

(3) End the $4 billion in earned income tax credit (EITC) annual fraud by prohibiting tax deductions for children except to US citizens

(4) End $110 billion a year in food stamps and other welfare except to US citizens

(5) End foreign aid to countries that refuse to accept their citizens that are being returned

(6) Fines to US companies for hiring illegal aliens and jail time for CEO’s forging ID for illegal workers. This includes H1B visa fraud.

(7) No drivers licenses for other then US citizens

(8) Mexico import duty tax of 20% / end NAFTA agreement

(9) End birthright citizenship

(10) End federal funding of taxpayer money to 300 US “sanctuary cities”

The combination of the steps above constitutes ATTRITION. A sort of cutting the umbilical cord that acts as a magnet in drawing human, drugs, & weapons trafficking and ID, welfare, tax & voter fraud. Not to mention intentional displacement of US workers, suppression of prevailing wages, and documented weekly murder of US citizens. Remember that 75% of the narcotics in the US originate from the southern border and are enabled entry by open border advocates including Democrat politicians.



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