Recapping: “Where IT meets IR – We Stand Alone” slogan and Wikipedia definition of an IR media firm

Our company slogan is the title of our company introductory summary found on linkedin;

Now in business for 10 years; we still have to explain what a PR/IR media communications firm is. Wikipedia does a nice succinct summary and it was posted on this blogfeed 7 years ago;

The 21 customer service options we offer are bullet-point listed on the WHAT WE DO page found via the left side of our company website homepage. The 4 FEE OPTIONS applicable to the unique needs of each client are listed just below that page.

Our core operations of financial algorithm / telemarketing & SOMOCLO tech anticipate a hiring goal of 100 employees or out-sourced service providers to handle task flow for an average goal of 25 clients per month.  A picture of the state of the art WIFI equipped office for such operations and located 15 minutes to the airport can be seen here;


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