Vegas IR media firm’s new FEE structure options beginning 2017

(1) ASSET MANAGEMENT: Stand-alone branch separate from IR department – 2/20 national rate is 2% of AUM & 20% of profits gained annually – Two tasks of asset management is tax credits & revenue diversification.

(2) COST CONTAINMENT: 10% of operational or asset procurement valuation savings

(3) SITE SELECTION: Similar to hard asset finders fee based on asset valuation – rate TBA

(4) STOCK OPTIONS: including DPO’s, REIT’s, ESOP’s with stock loan monetization approval

(5) KELP: Key Employee Loan program (for CFO annual services) generated by PPP – similar to Fortune 500 companies like TYCO Intl., ranked #103 with profits of $3B in 2005

This page is subject to revision . These new rate options may differ from the 4 FEE OPTIONS disclosed on the homepage of GLOBALCROSSROADSCAPITAL.COM.   The original 4 options include sliding-scale ABL transactional (commissions) from 1-10% based on valuation of hard assets.  The tasks above are in addition to the original 21 CRM task options bullet-point-listed on the WHAT WE DO page also found on the homepage.

NEXT related page pending: 100 Employee Handbook chapter on staff & executive compensation


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