2 New Lender Programs: Publicly-traded REIT seeks J/V partnerships and private CRE investor must place $100M by end of April, 2017

Date: Wed, Mar 22, 2017 at 11:53 AM
Subject: New Lender Programs
To: globalcrossroadscapital.com

Hi Jeffrey D.,

I wanted to send you an update on some of our hotter programs this month. Email back if I can be of assistance!

1. A firm is acting as a marketing firm for the exclusive agent for a US based publicly-traded REIT. This REIT is actively seeking new potential JV partnerships based on the criterion outlined below:

  • Deal Types Income producing + ground up development + land
  • Asset Classes All real estate asset classes will be considered
  • Geographic North America and International
  • Deal Size No less than $15MM per transaction / No upper limit
  • Timing Can close within 30 Days
  • Deal Structure JV partnership
  • Control Can be either Co-GP or GP/LP
  • Profit Split Promote to split

2. Commercial Properties Hard Money-


we have BRIDGE-HARD MONEY- Bridge capital– for QUALITY LOANS ONLY

Private investor has up to $100,000,000 to place by April 30,2017

2 week close+- from approved full doc file

Seeking commercial real estate transactions,

Cash out refinance,bridge,purchase,

Office, retail, industrial, multifamily, shopping centers, Hotels, Single purpose,mixed use,


LTV UP TO 70% ltv

Loan amounts $1,000,000 plus

Please let us hear from you asap before the money is gone!!!!!!!!
***Most compelling opportunities move to the top first***


Managing Director
Las Vegas branch office for national firm

– – – – – –

GLOBALCROSSROADSCAPITAL.COM is a US Vet-owned IR media communications firm and is not a lender, funder, investor, free advisor or broker-dealer. If you have a current need for the above programs you must be a contractual client. To become one, proceed to the CONTACT page at the top of this screen or click on the orange url just above and fill out the intake form.



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