DOE and USDA financing components for industrial park near Las Vegas

Can you use energy and agriculture financing for a 160-acre industrial park? (60% mixed-use / 40% multi-media) Yes.

The United States DOE and USDA both offer grants up to $500K and loan guarantees for financing up to $25M for green tech energy and agriculture. There are also investor tax credits up to 39% and tax benefits for equipment leasing. And commercial finance sources for solar panels on commercial buildings.

How does this apply to an industrial park development proposed near Las Vegas? Here are the categories that are needed in the park that apply for both DOE and USDA grants, loan guarantees and tax credits;

(a) Windmill farm power generation

(b) Solar street lights

(c) Solar panel arrays on all commercial buildings in park of approximately 100 acres

(d) Solar water purification mobile plants Ideal for tiny towns. Like an industrial park with 1,000 workers.

Advisory support and strategy implementation on doing the above available for ALL contractual clients.

The government funding mentioned above is another component in addition the other previously mentioned funding & incentives options ideal for this proposed industrial park



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