Vegas IR media firm introduces a short discussion on is one of the TOP Twelve domain forwarders for GLOBALCROSSROADSCAPITAL.COM; a US Vet-owned PR/IR media communications firm based in Las Vegas.

(1) On the left column of the homepage of GLOBALCROSSROADSCAPITAL.COM is the national eligibility checklist for

(2) It is a prevalent myth that all films are 100% equity. Not true.

(3) Remember film studio Summit Entertainment before it was acquired by Lionsgate film studio? A few months before that it was approved for $750M in film finance. None of which was equity.

(4) The following specific film fund includes in it’s portfolio an academy-award film for best picture of the year and is industry typical in it’s finance packaging of films. It does not exceed 35% of equity in the overall financing of any film. Two reasons for this is (a) leveraging capital and (b) risk mitigation.

(5) It’s a prevalent myth that you can legally sell securities that don’t exist. Securities = Equity. Here are some other myth busters;

And let’s be honest. If all it took to get funded was to “find” it (not sure what kind); then everyone would already be Especially when there is Billions in M&A’s and new Unicorns occurring weekly in the world capital markets today.

(6) Any Film Investment Banker will care about your finance risk mitigation process towards an exit strategy and a time frame to do so. This includes your skin in game, collateral, monetizable assets, or revenues. They are not enamored and also care about your ability to define your profit margin after the films cost break even point. Here are the statistical odds of most films to make a profit as quoted by a double securities-licensed brokerage firm investment banker;

(7) Billionaire Mark Cuban owns a film production company.  The grossly ill-prepared film producers mentioned herein are not a rare thing but a result of the prevalent myth that those seeking capital do not have to qualify and most professional film investors are enamored and not in it to make a profit.    Three wrong assumptions.

(8) And finally, remember that it costs money to lend money. If it costs more to lend vs. ROI or more then it costs to do the IR work then why bother? And, never confuse gambling or panhandling for contributions or donations on IndieGoGo as having anything to do with

GLOBALCROSSROADSCAPITAL.COM is listed in the State of Nevada Production Directory and remains the only PR/IR firm for film finance listed under the category PUBLIC RELATIONS @


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