Automated reply to endless anonymous prospect tire-kickers who email Vegas IR media firm prior to filling out INTAKE FORM; when there is no email address on our company website


Thank you for contacting Global Crossroads Capital. Although your message has been received, we are unable to respond to anyone who has not already filled out our Intake Form on the Global Crossroads Capital website.

To proceed with our process, you must visit our website and fill out the Intake Form. We look forward to serving you soon.

GLOBAL CROSSROADS CAPITAL is a US Vet-owned investor relations (IR) media communications firm that serve’s both corporate and government contractual clients. See description at the top of our homepage and here…

GLOBAL CROSSROADS CAPITAL is also succinctly featured on and the company blog feed is syndicated on the companies own Facebook page and on Complimentary strategy options consultation is provided on both the website and blog feed anticipates 80% of most preliminary questions prospects may have.

Due to the volume of “anonymous” inquiries we get; those without name, company, address & skype/phone number cannot be assigned to an account executive and thus are >discarded<.

You must be a contractual client to receive ongoing customer support.  Our office hours are 9a-5p Monday thru Thursday & 9a-2p Friday PT. We are closed weekends and holidays. We ADVISE people to read the heading at the top of the blog feed for every single blog post where it says READ THIS and CONTACT page. Both of which are quite informative in providing extensive free consultation.

Jeffrey D. Allen, CEO
US Vet-owned, SBA-certified, DUNS-listed IR media firm

Comp consultation 4000+ finance topic/sources blog feed

skype phone: SinCityFinancier
social media: Top 50 sites


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