Quotes from Linkedin: Why “Pick your Brain” free advice isn’t acted on like paid advice

Fact; financial advisors on Wall Street and even school teachers get paid to advise, teach, and consult. Free advice isn’t acted on like paid advice. Those who insist on endless months (or years) of free advise tend be stuck in ANALYSIS PARALYSIS. This becomes expensive to the advisor. But those who pay for advisory services do so because they understand the VALUE.

So if your IRcallanddatacenters.com gets 20% of callers who have a sense of entitlement (yes we have gotten those have stated such) that 1 person should do the work of 50 people and do so for nothing; then isn’t that 100% of your profit?. If everyone who asks for free advice does not act on it then they are both wasting your time and disrespecting you. Now who is the jerk?

Note the above title and the following quote/article are that of the following writer;

“There are givers and there are takers, and givers must have boundaries as takers don’t”


Our IR firms’ boundaries for free advisory services is for prospects to read our company website and this nearly 5,000 post blog feed. Those who do for 15-45 minutes will find it insightful and answer 80% of your questions.

Remember; advisory services are only as good as those who enact upon it.  And let’s admit that 95% of prospects do nothing.  Many investment bankers say the number is closer to 99%.


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