Recapping: List of investor tax credits / exemptions for Las Vegas 160-acre industrial park with film studio campus

(1) 35% State of Nevada corporate tax exemption

(2) 39% US Treasury investor tax credit prorated 7 years in conjunction with 80% LTV project funding

(3) 50% conservation land easements investor income tax credit prorated 16 years

(4) 6% R&D tax credits for investments in new products, processes, & packaging

(5) 50% sustainable OJT labor wage rebates to employer offer investors reduced labor cost caused by higher retention

(6) 30% Solar panel tax credits of cost (1st year) for 100 acres of warehouses/factories & additional tax credit prorated 5 years for difference of cost

(7) Export sales tax exemption for free trade zone

FREE TRADE ZONES offer an array of custom exemptions, administrative simplification, and tax, infrastructure & financial incentives to include US government grants to $500K and loan guarantees upwards of $25M.

Free Trade Zones designations proposed include Business Incentive, Special Economic, Export Processing, and Industrial to include recycling market development zones

Here is the prior summary tying most of the above together;


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