The next Green Tech Building Supplies Manufacturing Unicorn offers investors an unprecedented total of 7 tax credits & exemptions

On Wed, Jun 7, 2017 at 3:56 PM, Jeff Allen wrote;

Dear Prospective Investors, Lenders, Funders, J/V’s and regional distributors,

GLOBALCROSSROADSCAPITAL.COM is the exclusive IR media firm authorized to represent the following client; UNIT-SOLUTIONS. Now also based in corporate-tax exempt Las Vegas.

For a while we have detailed the projected unicorn valuation of at least $1.5 billion for this firm and have disclosed the 7 tax credits / exemptions and 4 free trade zones this firm is eligible to offer investors. In addition to these credits… expect leveraged capital of 90% LTV from the SBA and 80% LTV from the US Treasury contingent upon angel investors initial 20%.

Access to angel investors are readily available contingent on an on-going  marketing campaign on a block-chain secured IPO alternative stock exchange in Europe founded by the founder of Skype.  This exchange has been previously mentioned within this blogfeed.

The pre-IPO overall funding goal for this firm is $150M+ with a first round of $15M to $20M.  A project finance source has offered a minimum of $200M contingent upon proof of purchase orders or financial instrument valued at least 50% to 75% LTV to the project finance.  A 2nd project finance source is offering similar terms for a minimum finance request of $1B.

Coordinating the above with EB-5 telemarketing staffing and government relations with a list of 20 agencies that have expressed preliminary interest in helping this project are contingent on deploying ALL the logistics required.

US Vet-owned is the only IR firm in Nevada registered as a government IR vendor and the only one certified in commercialization in technology by the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) and international trade by the US Dept. of Commerce.  The Veterans Entreprenurial Act provides 3% preference for US Vet-Biz when dealing with any government contracting.

Now see the video executive summary of this green tech building supplies manufacturer that will no doubt have demand at both commercial and government levels worldwide.

If you have a current interest in this company and wish to speak to the CEO; proceed to the INTAKE FORM on our company website and fill it out. Indicate if you are a principal and what monetary level of interest you have and any deadline you have to participate.

Those who wish to meet the CEO can do so at our offices located 15 minutes west of McCarran International Airport at Also, if you wish to read the prior valuation & tax credit corporate structure blog posts… feel free to request them on linkedin.


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