Separating FACT from fiction when monetizing financial instruments & assets

Recently, this blog feed was debunking the prevalent myth that all tasks tangentially-related to the finance industry are brokering tasks and all compensation is solely commission; despite that, the facts say otherwise. Here are the facts;

Continuing to debunk myths; this week the focus is separating fact from fiction on how to monetize financial instruments and assets. Here is a short list sent to us a by a contributor who happens to be a US Treasury FINCEN registered trader of financial instruments/gold/currency;

(1) TOV FRB, FRN Farmers Petcheli – all wallpaper send to Ebay

(2) Golden gun – collector’s item try Ebay
(3) IBOE – wallpaper not worth sending to Ebay

(4) Copper Cathode – you can’t monetize.  Same applies to other “bales of wire” requests. (our get inquiries like this from 3rd world countries)

(5) IQD;s or NIQD’s or Zimbabwe currency -send them to Ebay or else ask their CR if they want to take it)

(6) Monetize Lease SBLC – let me know if I can rent your house and get a loan against it

(7) SS SBLC or SS BG – no such thing. No bank will allow such cash in their bank to be held back into zero coupon one year and one day slightly seasoned BG/SBLC sitting around looking for a buyer or lender, while the bank has the chance to use the cash

(8) BG or SBLC on Euroclear – Fake

(9) LTN into Brazil SBLC – Central Banks do not issue SNLC’s. LTN on Euroclear – Fake

(10) Receiver – Unfunded Receiver. Wishful thinking. To be a receiver, you must show value capacity to receive for an equitable exchange of value

(11) Sender – After tax money earners with PP CIS POF Bank on the table before you can call yourself a sender

(12) Asking for DOA before PP CIS package is placing the cart in front of its horse

(13) Paying Upfront charges over the internet to issue BG SBLC MTN are for suckers. Do it over Table Top Meeting

(14) Transmittal or SWIFT charges are minimal. Holding 500M for you is expensive

(15) BG’s/SBLC’s are never issued without a qualified and accepted exit or lender in front of it, to do so is a red flag

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