100,000 s.f. and 1,200 seat call center 6 miles north of Vegas IR media firm’s HQ office

Have you ever called some company that you have an account with and each time you call it seems the left-hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing? Annoying right? So imagine if the shoe was on the other foot? To increase efficiency; our IR firm when receiving inbound requests for CRM we began a succinct INTAKE FORM process starting 3 years ago. This process not only ensures staff knows who is calling but what needs are required and what critical benchmarks of progress are being made monthly. If any. And if not, why?


Since 2007, volumes of inquiries have been made weekly from people asking for financial public relations or (IR) investor relations support. But then state they don’t know what an IR firm is. Here is what Wikipedia and the National Investor Relations Institute (NIRI) both state;


There are about 5 succinct types of capital that if the enquirer is asking for then they are automatically asking for mass-marketing. This includes the most common asked for; PPM’s. But also includes IPO’s, DPO’s, EB-5, Debentures, 144A’s and self-directed IRA investors. The common denominator is a wide audience of lots of individual investors required to complete a funding round.


About the same time the INTAKE FORM process was initiated; it was also announced that plans are to outsource or delegate 60% of all labor divisions for this IR media firm including algorithm/ SOMOCLO/ telemarketing. A site and cost comparison of inbound call centers has been narrowed down. Here is a virtual site tour of a 1,200 seat, 100,000 square foot call center that is only 6 direct miles north of our client offices;

Many people erroneously still assume call centers work on hypothetical commission. Pretending this was true there is the issue of break even point to cover the costs for infrastructure/ labor/ administrative/ and business taxes. Years ago this blogfeed stated the break-even point for a 10% commission would require in minimum transaction of $250,000 or $25K a month. This is a fraction of the cost to break-even on the call center above using a full-time minimum of 50 staff a week. Any way you slice it it is still a bargain compared to the 50% commission nationally required by “boiler room” outbound call centers. When commission applies at all.


The proposed outsourced call center is at West Sahara & Decatur or 6 miles directly north of our IR firm’s 65,000 s.f client offices & conference center. The latter is ideal for live investor “pitch” events. The office building exterior looks like this; http://www.Innevation.com. And the interior looks like this;


The office building is strategically located in front of the 2 million s.f SWITCH SuperNAP high-density data center. This adjacent facility is ideal for providing the infrastructure for high-speed algorithm financial marketing comparable to any major hedge fund on Wall Street.


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