Spoiler Alert!: What PR firms get paid depends on type & number of tasks rendered. Not what client may or may not be capable of doing

Even the SEC agrees that the further you are away from NEGOTIATING and PACKAGING of capital means you are tangentially-related to the finance industry and thus are not a broker. And if you are not a broker the SEC generally declares it illegal  that commission is the only/primary compensation (for equity) but does permit monthly or flat fees before and after each round of capital. Much like a PR firm doing SOMOCLO/Algorithm and telemarketing as well as government relations.


PR firms in New York City were surveyed and agree “parameters of the task being performed” determine prices. Parameters include logistics, number of staff, break-even of operational costs/taxes, and time frame from start to finish.


Way too many people have a sense of entitlement that advisors should work months even years for free. What are the 3 things financial advisors nationwide generally do get paid according to Financial Planner Magazine?


Like national associations for realtors and investment bankers, the national organization for financial public relations firms or IR MEDIA is called NIRI.org. Also known as the National Investor Relations Institute which has about 3,300 members in 32 chapters nationwide. Members saw a reported 5% increase in (base) SALARY annually during the 5 years between 2008 and 2013.


There are multiple factors in determining a price quote for telemarketing call centers. Of the estimated 10 factors only 1 is a commission sliding scale to the other fees factored into the quote. It is not only a myth that all telemarketing call centers work solely on commission but of the exception that does average 50% commission. Call centers & public relations firms are increasingly adding SOMOCLO and Algorithm marketing to telemarketing operations Wall Street hedge funds are using algorithm marketing too. It was already reported in this blog feed that marketing for all industries will be 50% algorithm-based by 2020. The factors determining a call center price quote follows;


The following video interviews at a national conference shows replies on the national emerging trend of how financial advisors are going from 80% commission and 20% fees/costs to the opposite. And in some cases fee-only based. Only 5 days ago this blog feed reported on the 4 emerging trends of flat, annual, hourly & income-sensitive fees for advisors/consultants/coaches.


Wealth planners, attorneys, teachers, trade show key note speakers and workshop business coaches are some more positions tangentially-related to the finance industry but don’t get paid commissions predicated on the success of cooperation from a client. Here is a PBS-TV video on what one business development coach get’s paid for a few days work;


Way too many people have a sense of entitlement that analysts read a 50-page business plan and then compose a written report for free. Reality is that financial analysts get paid an annual SALARY + BONUS of at least 6-figures a year. Some have claimed asset managers work on commission. Reality is they work on 2% valuation of AUM + and 20% BONUS of annual profit. Both of these tangentially-related tasks to the financial industry have already been reported on this blog feed this year. The following blog post written 5 years ago has a variety of other non-broker tasks and what they charge and the emerging trend of a fee designed to compensate for time wasted;


In closing, remember these 4 points already mentioned on this blog feed before;

If all it took to get funded was to “find” it (not sure what exactly) then everyone would already have been approved.

What good are “SUCCESS fees” if client’s >FAIL< to get approved 95% of the time from investors, lenders & funders?

Commissions are like TIPS… Nice if you get them. But they don’t keep the kitchen open.

Worldwide wealth has doubled from 2000 to 2017.

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