1-stop shop to BUY BG’s / MTN’s and then monetize by leveraging them for major project finance $200M+

Most financial instrument / asset monetizers do so by discounting or factoring the face value of the instrument or asset. But what if you could buy/monetize/leverage OVER face value to apply for project finance in 1 place? Now you can. This is 1 such source that was already mentioned before on our blog feed comprising nearly 5,000 sources of capital for the last 10 years.

Before we reiterate what was already stated on what it takes to get monetized and apply for project finance 50% to 75% LTV over face value… here is a quick chart on terms for BUYING BG’s and MTN’s from the monetizer issued from the TOP 25 Euro Banks;

PROOF OF FUNDS minimum for >BUYERS< of both BG’s & MTN’s is $500M

Bank payment undertaking / BLOCKED FUNDS proof required

(1) BG’s

Minimum amount: $15B

1st traunch: Negotiable 10%+

Cost: Fresh cut – 28 + 2

Cost: Slightly seasoned – 47 + 2

(2) MTN’s

Minimum amount: $50B

1st traunch: $100M

Cost: Fresh cut – 24 + 2

Cost: Slightly seasoned – 55 + 2

The monetizer/platform administrator will issue client contract to sign authorizing paying our Vegas (IR) media firm directly instead of the client having to issue this. This is the only exception of all customer service options offered on our website/blog feed.

NOTE: As seen at the top/heading of this blog feed on all 5,000 pages; do not ask us procedural questions of this or any funder not already disclosed on blog feed. We do not speak for them. Ask them directly if you are an IR client.

And now for the prior details on monetizing and leveraging your financial instrument with this specific source;



– – – – – –

Our >RULES TO REMEMBER< for Vegas IR MEDIA firm;

(1) Our IRcallanddatacenters.com staff replies weekdays during office hours Pacific time to INTAKE FORM submission initial requests for IR customer service as indicated on the CONTACTpage at the top of this blog feed and the homepage of our company website. Period. All else is just wind.

(2) Any requests from those claiming to be a buyer of any asset class require presenting to us PROOF OF FUNDS. Period.  Since presumably commission is the only compensation… this is predicated on transaction actually closing with POF’s.

(3) Teachers, consultants, attorneys, financial advisors, & biz development coaches do not work for free and neither do we. Want free advice? This blog feed is quite generous. Period.

(3) FINANCIAL MARKETING is the core component of what our firm does. See the WHAT WE DO page on our company website to see the list of customer service options available. We do not volunteer like bird-dog brokers and do not work without any client contract on client company letterhead signed by 2 principals. Period.

GLOBALCROSSROADSCAPITAL.COM is not a funder, lender, investor, buyer, seller, trader, free advisor, or broker-dealer. If you have a current need for the above funding option you must be a contractual client. 1st step to becoming a client is to proceed to the CONTACT page at the top of this blog feed or click on the orange url just above and fill out the INTAKE FORM.

2 thoughts on “1-stop shop to BUY BG’s / MTN’s and then monetize by leveraging them for major project finance $200M+

  1. I have seller interested in selling seasoned mtn on desk to desk terms again I have the need of sblc, bg fresh cut pls note we don’t make upfront payment now or refunded later neither do we pay consultation fee or the like.we
    Can send loi for sblc and bg fc


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