The 100-mile sphere of Las Vegas suburbs in 2042

When I moved to Las Vegas in 1989, the metro area and surrounding Clark County population was 700,000. By 2012 it was 1.9M. Projections are a population of 3.3M in 2042 or a 67% increase from 2012 to 2042. Taxpayers in 2016 voted in favor of an “indexed” fuel tax for the next decade to pay for the demand for freeways. The first toll-road in Nevada is under construction along the I-11 route from the Colorado River to Las Vegas.

A NDOT regional planning public meeting revealed a proposal for a U-shaped “super loop” freeway originating from Primm at the California state line. This U-shaped loop would curve north both east and west of the mountains surrounding the Las Vegas Valley. The eastern portion would go from Primm to Boulder City to Apex at I-15. The western arm would go through Sandy Valley past Pahrump connecting with Hwy 95 east of Amargosa Valley.

Agriculture is big business in Amargosa Valley. It is home to the largest dairy in the state of Nevada with 6,000 cows. It also has an ostrich farm, fig & pomegranate trees, alfalfa and pistachios. The valley is 70 miles northwest from Ward 6 in the far northwest city limits of Las Vegas. The most growth in the city limits of Las Vegas is in the northwest valley near the Kyle Canyon Road and Hwy 95 intersection.

As of 2017, the population for Ward 6 is already 118,000. Here is a map; Another 1,000 acres of land are being proposed for the development of 12 master-planned communities surrounded by Paiute Indian tribal land with a golf course and a national monument called Tule Springs Fossil Beds. This area was roamed by mammoths between 8,000 and 15,000 years ago during the ice age. Paiute Indians settled in the area around 700 AD.

Many people think the Strip of Las Vegas is in the city limits of Las Vegas. It isn’t. It is in the townships of Winchester, Paradise, and Enterprise. There are 5 townships in the Las Vegas valley. From the biggest to the smallest is Paradise, Sunrise Manor, Spring Valley, Enterprise, Whitney, & Winchester. The combined population of these 5 towns in 2010 was 750,000. There are 3 municipal cities in the Las Vegas valley. They are; Las Vegas, North Las Vegas and 14 miles to the southeast is Henderson.

Outside the valley 36 miles away is Boulder City. 63 miles to the west is Pahrump with a population of about 37,000. Laughlin is 97 miles south with a population of 7,000. To the northeast 82 miles is Mesquite with a population of 18,000. North of Apex is the development called Coyote Springs located 55 miles from Las Vegas.. Both Mesquite and Coyote Springs are known for their golf courses. Apex is an 18,000 acre mixed-used light industrial development that already includes tenants like Hyperloop owned by billionaire Elon Musk. Apex is not only part of the I-11 corridor but also the proposed CANAMEX Highway connecting the US, Canada, & Mexico for international trade.

The other ideal location for light industrial zoning is in Jean located 32 miles south of Las Vegas. Jean is the proposed site for a tri-state regional cargo airport to augment the current Top 10 national busiest McCarran International Airport. Jean is north of Primm that already has hotel-casinos, roller coaster, golf course, 6,500 seat concert arena and a large outlet mall. Primm is on the California state line along I-15. The other emerging “gateway” town to Las Vegas is White Hills located 68 miles to the southeast in Arizona

Las Vegas saw explosive growth from 1990 to 2010. 19 high-rise hotel-casinos were built over 20 years. In 1/94, Time Magazine had a cover story titled “Las Vegas: The new All-American City”.  Forbes Magazine reported Las Vegas was ranked 11th fastest growing metro area nationwide in 2013. At the crossroads of 2 interstate highways in the corporate tax free state of Nevada; Las Vegas’ growth projections effecting it’s suburbs in a 100-mile sphere look strong for the next 25 years.

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  1. This was a very informative, well written article! Share this with your friends, families and colleagues! Nevada has a pluthera of things that make it the place you want to live! Every town has the good and bad, yet no matter where or what you like to do, Nevada can offer it for you!
    Daryl Zane Wade

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