Completed Films Wanted for Distribution/Re-Distribution

Date: Sat, Nov 11, 2017 at 1:09 PM
Subject: Completed Films Wanted for Distribution/Re-Distribution

To: Our clients and associates


Hi All,

If you or a client have a completed full-length film or TV series of ANY kind, let’s begin talks. We may be able to help you.

We prefer new original low budget completed films with the “look and feel” of a higher budget film.

If it is both low-budget and low-quality we will still consider for foreign distribution, however we would not be interested in low-budget/low quality drama and comedy genres. >Action< and >horror< are best for low-quality films. People in different cultures do not always have the same sense of drama and comedy as we do.

If you have already distributed your movie but did not get wide enough distribution or all your money back or the desired profit, we may also be able to help you.

Send details, links for viewing trailers, etc. in response to this email. We will let you know if and how we are interested in proceeding.

Call me if your IR firm has any potential clients


Investment firm near Hollywood

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GLOBALCROSSROADSCAPITAL.COM is an IR firm and is not a funder, lender, investor, buyer, seller, trader, distributor, free advisor, or broker-dealer.  If you have eligibility and current interest for this funding source; you must be a IR client to proceed.  The (1st) step to become one is to fill out the INTAKE FORM on our company website indicated at the top of the screen

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