QUESTIONNAIRE: IR Client’s Eligibility / Goals Assessment for Start-up / Growth Capital

WIKIPEDIA, the SEC and NIRI all agree the core purpose of an IR media firm is financial marketing & communications. For starters, we offer algorithm /SOMOCLO / telemarketing. Also known as financial public relations (PR). We also offer consulting & government relations to include EB-5 foreign investors campaigns. All this and more is bullet-point listed on the WHAT WE DO page on the company website above.

The following is a self-help QUESTIONNAIRE of “Eligibility & Goals Assessment” to be determined by prospects or client;

(1) Is raising capital the only customer service need you have; based on simple referral of 5,000 existing options on this blogfeed?

(2) How much capital are you seeking over the next 3 years and how many rounds?

(3) How many TYPES of capital are you seeking?

(4) Do you know all types of capital take different amounts of time to close? And the only 1 category that closes in 30 days is ABL funding?

(5) Are you a startup or a growth phase company over 2 years?

(6) If you are acquiring a company; is it revenue producing and how much?

(7) Do you currently have monetizable assets including purchase orders or accounts receivable from investment grade buyers?

(8) If you have intellectual property (IP) is it appraised or patented and what is the current valuation?

(9) If you need a company line of credit to $1M does your firm have revenues of at least $45K per month to support the debt?

(10) Do you need equipment of inventory finance?

(11) Do you have a PPM to do telemarketing to angel investors for 6-12 months?

(12) Do you have tradeable securities with a daily trading volume of at least $50K?

(13) If your company is in the concept stage did you need commercialization of technology support to take you to market?

(14) If your revenue-producing company is in the pre-IPO stage would you like an investor to absorb your registration costs?

(15) Do you have any government contracts or tax credits you need monetized?

(16) Have you heard of bartered media equity or film print & advertising finance (P&A)?

(17) Do you how many funding programs are offered by the US government including EB-5; and what is involved to qualify for them?

(18) Did you need telemarketing support for 6-12 months to originate purchase orders?

(19) Do you qualify for a personal ULOC to $300K in 2 weeks? See #1 on following list for the 2 qualifying factors;

(20) Did you need ongoing advisory services for 6-12 months?

(21) Did you know we already provide free advisory services via our blogfeed as stated in the heading above?

(22) Does your current retail or manufacturing business include debt-free commercial real estate?

(23) Do you need fix-flip or refi real estate finance to $2.5M in 10 days?

(24) Did you know that algorithm marketing requires proof of 2 prior institutional rounds of capital?

(25) Did you know there at least 5 types of capital that instantly require mass-marketing?

(26) Did you know that TYPES of capital dictate both DIRECTION and DURATION of an effective IR media campaign?

(27) Did you know different TYPES of capital cost different and the most expensive is equity? Especially if “participating” and “deferred” clauses are included.

(28) Did you know all equity investors require both annual profit margin (ROI) and ownership percentage?

(29) Did you know the Chairman of the NY Angels describes 100% funding by a single investor as “virtually never” occurring?

(30) Have you considered ESOP funding?

(31) Do you need proof of funds (POF’s) letters to acquire commercial real estate?

(32) Do you own Top 25 financial instruments like BG’s or SBLC’s in need of monetization or PPP trade?

(33) Are you able to prove all revenues and monetizable assets to us today?

(34) How important is brand valuation enhancement via awareness campaigns in attracting capital?

(35) Why has billion-dollar valuation “unicorns” occurred worldwide WEEKLY for the last 3 years?

– – – – – –

First step to become a client is to proceed to the CONTACT page at the top of this screen and fill out the INTAKE FORM.

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