2nd INTAKE FORM RFP submission company policy UPDATE to improve time management effective 11/1/18 for IR media firm GLOBALCROSSROADSCAPITAL.COM

It has been nearly 3 years since our original INTAKE FORM time management company policy notice disclosed here;


This month at least 3 people have filled out an INTAKE FORM that had already filled it out before literally years ago. And in that time still didn’t read either the company website or blog feed. They would ask questions like “what do you charge?’; even though the FEES page is right below the INTAKE FORM on the left side of the HOMEPAGE.

Other questions include “What do you do?” even though the WHAT WE DO page precedes the INTAKE FORM on the left side of the HOMEPAGE. Another question would be “how long does this take? ; Even though that question is answered at the bottom of the INTAKE FORM in the TIMELINE chart.

Perhaps the silliest question recently was “Do we have to hire you or is that someone else’s responsibility or is your IR firm a charity? It seems to be with all the spam we have gotten lately from several people asking our for-profit IR firm if we would just donate them a bag full of CASH in a brown paper bag just for the asking.

Many non-MBA’s really don’t seem to know that an IR firm or financial public relations firm is. Even though NIRI.org and the SEC and Wikipedia all agree what an investor relations (IR) firm does and how it differs from and runs circles around a bird-dog broker.

Finance advisory services are 1 component of an IR firm. Many have a sense of entitlement that that should be done by only 1 person and every free session should last 45 minutes… for months. Reality is financial advisors are not brokers and don’t work for free on Wall Street. Here are some more myth busters;

https://SinCityFinancier.wordpress.com/2018/10/18/busting-the-myth-what-finance-advisors-financial-pr-marketers-keynote-speakers-asset-managers-biz-development-coaches-really-get-paid-in-the-21st-century/. These facts are the reason why we have said for over 10 years that if you want FREE consultation then our company website and this blog feed provide plenty of it if you read for 45 minutes You can’t have it both ways.

– – – – – –

So, effective November 1, 2018, we are adding additional signs to look for called;

32+ TIME WASTER COUNTER-MEASURE MANAGEMENT RULES against the deluge of non-MBA’s who do or state any of the following;

(1) Arguing about everything on and on for the sake of arguing with no finance MBA

(2) Make libel remarks having never met anyone at this firm or previously done business with us

(3) Don’t answer the phone or return calls after 3x after Intake RFP submission

(4) Leave intake form 50% empty
(5) Leave “What are you authorizing us to do? empty on the intake form
(6) Don’t provide POF’s or POA’s promptly when asked to do so

(7) Don’t provide Client contract on company letterhead co-signed by 2 principals after 3 intake form submissions (*)
(8) Don’t read website or blog feed thoroughly if they want advisory services to be free
(9) Have analysis paralysis and expect us to guide you like a Biz Dev coach for months for free prior to being a client

(10) Expect telephone free consultation to exceed 10-15 minutes prior to even being a client
(11) Answer YES on reading website but then ask endless questions that prove otherwise
(12) Think filling out preliminary assessment Intake form makes you a contractual client
(13) Forget the last question of Intake says “I realize filling out Intake does NOT make me a client”
(14) Request a for-profit firm to give you donations or “contributions” or pledges.
(15) Make whimsical or vague goals on Intake form like “I am going to end poverty”

(16) Submit incoherent, conceptual, deceptive, or no skin of your own biz plan requests.
(17) Submit 100% funding joint-venture requests to match your great idea. J/V means 50-50%

(18) First option demand for equity funding based on registered equity securities, revenue, or collateral you don’t have
(19) Demanding what TYPES of funding you will accept or not accept. The word you looking for is what do you QUALIFY for

(20) Assuming your special and are exempt from meetingfundingapprovalcriteria.com
(21) Can’t determine what 1 type of funding from the other to be capable of meetingfundingapprovalcriteria.com
(22) Assume Algorithm/SOMOCLO/telemarketing is both free and done by 1 person for months
(23) Assume a financial public relations/marketing firm vs. bird-dog volunteer brokers are the same

(24) Assume all compensation on Wall Street or the FINSERVE industry is a “success fee” even though it isn’t; most jobs have a base salary +

(25) Have the gall to demand a “success fee” should be held hostage to your FAILure in being capable of meetingfundingapprovalcriteria.com
(26) Assume all it takes to get funded is to “FIND” it but you have been trying to find it for years with no success

(27) Admit to putting a discontinued phone # on your Intake submission
(28) Oblivious to the importance of enhancing valuation of asset or project with brand awareness to attract capital markets instead of soliciting

(29) Making naive remarks about out of context operational costs and fees and down payments that say you have never dealt with Wall Street

(30) Ask to buy financial instruments with no money

(31) Try to sell financial instruments that you don’t nor anyone in your daisy chain have

(32)  Ask “What is the next step” when the; (a) company website, (b) company blogfeed, (c) Linkedin & Facebook profiles, (d) industry SOP for IR/PR firms defined by NIRI.org and  (e) your professed prior Biz experience (already) answer the question

– – – – – –

These points mentioned above and any other that our IRcallandatacenters.com staff may encounter that waste time NOW have the individual discretion to “86” prospects from further IR support.  Permanently.  Let them waste everyone elses time and eventually just get blacklisted by the entire FINSERVE industry.  But this may explain why the same tire-kickers keep circling back to our firm?!

(* Especially #7; Previously, INTAKE FORMS were expired after both 20 days and if submitted 3x with no contractual client CONTRACT. NOW, the rule is 20 days automatically and 2x at discretion.of staff at D&B listed, US Vet-owned IR media communications firm GLOBALCROSSROADSCAPITAL.COM.

The deluge of TIMEWASTERS is not just an inconvenience. They are COSTLY to the point of defeating any operational 25% net profit margin.


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