Wall Street asset management firm backs $100M Hollywood gap film fund

It has been a myth for years that individual angel investors are the primary funding source for Hollywood feature films. This is false for several reasons; (1) There are only 3/4 of 1M angel investors in the US and only 23% of those have an interest outside technology, commercial real estate & energy. (2) IMDB credits state the #1 source for ‘production’ finance’ of Hollywood films is Wall Street Banks, P/E firms, hedge funds, and asset management firms. These facts and more have been disclosed on this blog feed for over 10 years

The following unique $100M film fund is backed by an asset management firm located only blocks from IATSE Local 1 in Manhattan.  The $100M film fund is unique in that it offers 2 specific parts of required feature film finance. These are typical subordinated production loans and bridge finance. Loans can include mezzanine, gap, and tax credit. Bridge finance can be used for critical production costs prior to the permanent senior bank or full production finance close.

These funds can be applied to early expences such as preproduction costs or talent acquisition. The film fund management will also offer financial, legal, and production expertise resulting from previously underwriting and financing over $700M in films with budgets averaging $2M to $40M.

There is plenty of film finance options from Wall Street without violating securities laws by selling equity that doesn’t exist or by taking 6-12 months to panhandle for “contributions” AKA donations from 100’s of “enamored” 3-F’s on Facebook and IndieGogo; so long as the client is capable of MeetingfundingApprovalcriteria.com.

Many finance options have been listed as a courtesy on this blog feed for over 10 years. This includes the added service option of SOMOCLO and/or call center mass-marketing for clients who offer PPM’s/DPO’s or seek P-3/EB-5 finance.

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VETBIZ GLOBALCROSSROADSCAPITAL.COM is an IR media communications firm and is not a funder, lender, investor, buyer, seller, platform trader, free analyst/advisor, or broker-dealer. If you have a current interest and eligibility in the above types of finance you must be an IR contractual client to pursue them.

The 1st step to become one is to fill out the rfp INTAKE FORM found on company website via the CONTACT page in the heading of this blog feed or the orange url in this paragraph.  Do not call to “chat” prior to filling out Intake form.  READ THIS at the TOP of this blogfeed. And preview http://www.Facebook.com/Globalcrossroadscapital

4 thoughts on “Wall Street asset management firm backs $100M Hollywood gap film fund

    • So did you read the CONTACT page yet at the top of this blogfeed. Or the subheading that says READ THIS also at the top of this blogfeed. Or did you read the last paragraph at the bottom of the blogpost itsself? Notify us when you have by filling out the INTAKE FORM as required.


  1. Prospective borrowers who need to fill out an Intake Form found on most online websites these days just to find out if they’re capable of qualifying for institutional film finance or filminvestmentbanking.com is far from a red flag.


    • Yes, trying to find out if hobbyists who are capable of getting approved by Wall Street is statistically proven over the years to rarely occur. The same Wall Street investment banks listed in IMDB credit as the #1 source for “production finance”. The same Wall Street banks that have been financing Hollywood beginning 100 years ago.
      As for FINSERVE industry requiring Intake Forms to comb through the volume of time wasters is national SOP according to NIRI.org. Several red flags are those who think they don’t have to qualify or pay back 100% funding in brown paper bag. This includes those involved with securities fraud illegally selling equity securities that don’t exist.
      It also includes those who confuse filminvestmentbanking.com as having anything to do with panhandling for donations from the 3-F’s. Remember, just because a film producer MAY have made 200 films; does not mean there was any budget, paid crew, investment, ROI, or recapitalization.


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