Following June’s Slack IPO debut valuation of $21B; Bulls Cite Its Potential to ‘Severely Displace Email’ for B2B communications

IR VETBIZ GLOBALCROSSROADSCAPITAL.COM in Las Vegas has anticipated the displacement of email for commo starting (5) years ago with the use of an initial prospect prelim assessment/ rfp INTAKE FORM for (IR) support CRM.

Thus, avoiding extremely COSTLY & timewasting 45-minute “Chat”/Discussions/Strategy theorizing/bantering/run this by you/free advisory sessions (to a company who’s >core function< is consulting & PR marketing for the financial sector) per monthly average of 200 callers asking “20 questions”; already answered on company website and this self-help, free consultation blog feed read worldwide for over a decade.

Call center labor to justify this ever-increasing (*mostly incoherent/conceptual/NO skin in the game eligibility) client rfp volume already requires a staff of 50 at a conservative cost of $100K per month for; (A) labor, (B) facilities, (C) equipment, (D) marketing, & (E) business taxes. Or a “break-even” cost of $1.2M per year per city location operations.

And yet, for over 12 years; people still automatically assume we are a 501c(3) charity OR they request a micro-capital sum with a “cost-to-benefit” ratio that would put us in the RED to bother even providing CRM.  A vast amount of people appearently have no idea what the 32 chapters for IR media firm members of primarily do or what their national SOP is. HINT:  It is the same as defined by the SEC & Wikipedia.

A vast amount of people also appearently have no concept of what is (A) a D&B listed, VetBIZ (P-3/public-private sector) IR media communications firm?, or (B) how many diversified CRM tasks does it provide beyond (assumed) just “attracting” VC?, or (C) the total tasks offered comprise how many staffed departments?, or (C) what it’s true intrinsic VALUE is for the entire >lifecycle< of contractual client’s company or asset’s on-going unique & diversified needs.

(D) And finally;  how many/what types of “on-demand” CRM facilities locations are currently available (as well as) pending expansion of locations outside our (corporate tax-exempt) Nevada HQ’s in the emerging >Global Crossroads of Capital< for 30 years.  The magnet for attracting overseas sovereign wealth funds, foreign & (at least) 20 local billionaire residents, Wall Street investment banks, the POTUS, and over 40 million annual visitors arriving 24/7 by non-stop airline flights from throughout Asia & Europe.

A VALUE that bird-dog brokers wish they could duplicate all the SOMOCLO/IVR/VOIP tech support for our + other departmental resources + our (VETBIZ/federal gov. network priority) and why VC markets worldwide contact us literally DAILY.

– – – – – –

News article follows on IPO of B2B Commo tech disruptor and it’s emerging trends;

New Slack Bulls Cite Its Potential to ‘Severely Displace Email’

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