Movie clip: ‘BOILER Room’ – Ben Affleck’s HR Director orientation to WALL St. broker applicants. If you think finance = donations don’t watch this.

The 1980’s Boiler Room portrayed in this movie is a fringe element of found widespread in the 21st Century.  These fringe Boiler Rooms are nearly extinct.

It is the exception to the FINSERVE industry working solely for commission.  But it did so at the expense of a 50% rate of funds raised.  In some cases higher.  A few examples have already been disclosed on this blogfeed for years.

Like Ben Affleck says; “We’re not here to make friends”

So when any film producers are ready to quit wasting time running around in circles failing to “find” funding (year after year) when there is more capital in world markets then in ever before in world history…

be prepared  to leverage “cashless investors” for $3M in 3 weeks as 1 component of film finance packaging.  >Plus< (MG’s) film distributor minimum guarantees before you start production >plus< cast & crew (DGA/SAG/IATSE) Union Deposits >plus< access to $100M film gap/bridge capital funds >plus< Nevada 35% LTV collateral programs for film production bank loans to $20M >plus< from $500K Nevada film tax credits monetization.

The 6 TYPES of film finance above are mostly pre-production & bridge capital.  This doesn’t include production, post-production or P&A phase finance options.  It also doesn’t include fed matching funds 80% to 20% of angel funds or borrower skin in the game >plus< 39% tax credits (separate from film tax credits) for film studios creating “sustainable”  51%+ local jobs.

And now for the clip from the 2000 film “Boiler Room”;


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