PT. 2: Why Billionaire Mark Cuban thinks meetings waste everyone’s time & how it echoes Vegas IR media VETBIZ’s anti-“Chatting” policy for prospective pre-clients

PT. 1 of this CRM time-management topic was featured on this blog feed recently on 4/19. PT. 1 can be referenced via the search bar found in the upper right corner of this blog feed or the archives in the lower right corner.

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CORE FUNCTION of an IR firm:

Wikipedia, the, and the all agree that the CORE FUNCTION of a PR/IR media firm is to provide; “Consulting & B2B Corporate Communications” with a 2-part initial emphasis on; (A) Finance strategy advisory & implementation for round(s) of both Public-Private  capital markets in conjunction with (B) international public awareness multi-media branding campaigns for of combined shares market cap & revenue diversification… throughout the entire lifecycle of a company & it’s assets from startup to divestiture by means of (external) M&A or IPO or (internal) ESOP succession.

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Our for-profit “CORE FUNCTION” above pertaining to finance strategy affects the entire business development lifecycle. Any Fortune 500 BIZ. DEV. VP’s nationwide tend to oversee the CMO, CIO, & CFO (marketing/IT/financial departments).

MEASURING REWARD(s) for COMPENSATION for SR. Biz. Dev. VP’s includes several things not limited to; the creation of shareholder value/strong long term financial results/long-term growth/efficient use of capital/cost of capital/above-market earnings.

TYPE(s) of SR VP COMPENSATION are listed as follows; Base salary, annual bonuses, stock options, stock awards, long-term cash incentives, health insurance, 401(K) match, pension plans, and perks like financial planning & club dues

Fortune 500 (with over $10B in revenue) PAY ESTIMATES for;

President/top SVP of finance – base salary varies from $500K to $1M + any one or all of the above SR VP compensations listed.

CFO – $1M salary with bonuses & incentives to $3M in a good year.

A 2011 survey put a median annual base salary for average company CFO’s between $197K to $286K depending on the private or public status of the firm.


Financial advisors/strategists and analysts report to the chief executive officer (CFO). Financial strategists earn a 2011 national median salary of $90K to $187K per year or a rate of $43 to $90 per hour according to US DOL statistics.  Advisors get an entry-level base salary of $50K + bonuses median of 50% over salary + equity participation. Sr. management can get triple the salary according to Magazine in 2014.

Equity research analysts can earn a combined pay of $136K consisting of a base salary, cash bonuses, stock bonuses, and 3 benefits including 401K plan, health insurance, vacation & paid time office as advertised by Morgan Stanley in early 2019. Analysts are the entry-level job at an investment bank. Then comes associate bankers, VP, and at the top the managing director (with 10 years experience) have a salary range between $500K to $2M.

Bonuses easily add 1 to 3x to a bankers annual salary. “Bulge bracket” elite firms like Goldman Sachs pay a 20% to 40% compensation premium over the majority of regular boutique firms who specialize in niches by industry, product, type of client, or deal size.

US DOL statistics indicate strategic planning consultants average $78K to $138K in annual salary. Statistics for corporate entry-level finance managers 2013 annual salary was $63K. Such managers working on SEC exchanges can earn salaries to $171K as of 2012.  And entry-level finance managers earn high salaries of $158K working for talent agents & managers of artists, singers, and entertainers in the music, film, & TV industry.

The National Investor Relations Institute ( reported a $50K jump in average base salary for IR firm practitioners up to $200,000 a year between 2008 and 2013. IR firms can charge separately for costs from fees in the 32 chapters nationwide as authorized by the SEC.

The “core function” of VETBIZ GLOBALCROSSROADSCAPITAL.COM is an (consulting & commo) IR media firm but offers a full-array of CRM “on-demand” options to suit clients unique short/long-term needs.  Stay tuned for details on defining each department.

As of 2019, very few jobs in the finance industry charge commission alone. Websters Dictionary describes a commission as a “(%) percentage of a quantitative sum”. So what is the exact sum of consulting & communications?

One of the few jobs in the 1980’s that charged commission only was BOILER ROOM’S. They handled cash flow for clients from investors and charged an average of 50% of funds raised. Occasionally more. In 2019, Boiler Rooms are a fringe element of nationally recognized that do a combination of SOMOCLO, AI Algorithm & Tele-Marketing.

Unlike brokers; IR firm’s do NOT negotiate, package or handle any cash-flow from investors for clients. And such centers are just a logistical component of multi-departmental CRM support for our financial (PR) & investor (IR) relations firm; who’s slogan is in corporate-tax exempt Las Vegas, Nevada.


Our for-profit VETBIZ is not a 501(c)3. Do not have the GALL to ask if we can directly donate you millions of dollars.

Our FREE (a) consultation on finance strategies and (b) list of readily available finance sources and their terms have been compiled on this blog feed for over 12 years at – (as a courtesy) and is not reflective of any of our IR competitors.

80% of your QUESTIONS are already anticipated and ANSWERED on the (a) company website, (b) this blog feed, (c) on my profile under “Articles” BLUE #1, and (d) 23 FB finance specific-topic groups hosted by after (you) reading for 45 minutes.

Noting both the generous compromise of the blog feed above and our CORE FUNCTION above; do not have the GALL to be one of 200 people a week to ask any of the following; “Let’s “CHAT” for 90 minutes/or have a vague discussion/or brain-storm strategies/or let me run this by you/or let me pick your brain/or send this to all your friends/or lets catch up since we haven’t spoken in 10 years.

Pretending if weeks or months of consulting was free; we certainly reserve the prerogative to delegate an account executive to analyze your INTAKE FORM submission and respond by phone to provide inquirers a FREE one-on-one advisory for 15 minutes. Efficiency is a must for clients & our IR firm to meet 25%+ profit-margin after costs/taxes.

If you have not yet filled out the short INTAKE FORM succinctly detailing (a) What is your goal?, (b) What is your (20% POF’s) skin in the game?, (c) What is your deadline based on the options listed below INTAKE FORM, (d) What are you authorizing us to do (based on CRM options listed) IF you were a contractual client, (e) Which of our disclosed “4 FEE options” are you choosing similar to other IR firms (choose #4 OAC if you want to save to 70%).

If you can not be succinct on the short INTAKE FORM in 15 minutes; then you can not do it on the phone after 15 minutes. 200 people “speculating” or “theorizing” or “chatting” on the phone weekly is far from efficient even with a call center staff of 50. Just like Mark Cuban says in PT.1 (4/19); it is “COSTLY, unproductive, lazy, time-wasting and disrespectful” to FINSERVE staff.

Do not have the GALL to ask if being a contractual client is required with any IR firm nationwide ( Do not have the GALL to ask if we are “interested in your project and would we like to hire you the client and pay for the cost of working for you”. Don’t state “We had no intention of hiring your IR firm. We’re hoping to waste your time, resources, & expertise by working for free”.

It may be (one) reason why you have been running around in circles to “find” capital for 2-5 years with no luck. It also explains why 2019 has seen the highest volume of costly time-wasting return callers coming “full-circle” to our IR firm. Several admit on the intake form that they have been rejected “dozens of times”; with no dime of their own but “demand” $100M.

Why should anyone give endless free advice to people stuck in analysis paralysis and who clearly can’t follow instructions from the last time they called years ago?  Financial advisors get paid to work nationwide.


There are more funds in world capital markets now than ever before in world history. Billion-dollar valuation “Unicorn” start-ups have been born every week for over 3 years from the US to Asia, to Latin America, to Africa, to Europe. $100B+ Centi-billionaires are on the rise with the newest one from France this month. TRILLION-dollar valuation of major corporations are already 3 and on the rise.

If all it took to “get” funded was to “find it” then everyone would already be  Quit trying to find vague “it”.  And start “attracting” round after round of both (Public-Private) VC with an IR media firm.

GOOGLE: “ discusses trends on Millionaires, Billionaires, Unicorns, and 11 Trillionaires by 2070”.

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