I am running for IATSE District 2 National Convention Delegate. If you want more Craft 3 paid Union Film/TV jobs – vote for me

Jeffrey D. Allen, Local #720 member,
Dispatching through the hall since 1993.

Prior to that, I served as a Nevada Army Guard MP for E.P.W. Ops in Desert Storm.  #RepresentingthefrontlineandbackboneofAmerica40years

“The only Delegate Candidate with ‘Roadmap’ to goal in writing”

GREEN color graphic flyers on request. Also, look for them at the hall.

What is the 1 thing Film/TV producers want more to come more frequently to Nevada to produce feature Films & TV shows and increase jobs for professional Film/TV crews annually?

Film producers should be prepared  to leverage “cashless investors” for $3M in 3 weeks as the 1st component of film finance packaging.  >plus< (MG’s) film distributor minimum guarantees before they start production >plus< cast & crew (DGA/SAG/IATSE) Union Deposits >plus< access to $100M film gap/bridge capital funds >plus< Nevada 35% LTV collateral programs for film production bank loans to $20M >plus< from $500K Nevada film tax credits monetization.

Established film producers may want to consider 2 “Same Day” approval funding options. First, is Corporate Credit Cards issued by a $2B FINSERVE in Visa network.  Monthly revolving LC’s only requirement is your US Corporate bank statement with POF’s of at least $100K for 10x leverage.  Second, is 100% to $10M Studio Cinema Equipment tax-deductable leasing with flexible terms to 7 years.

The 8 TYPES of film finance above are mostly pre-production & bridge capital.  They don’t include production, post-production, or P&A phase finance options.  Nor does it include options like product placement or EB-5 foreign investors campaigns.  It also doesn’t include 80% fed matching funds to 20% of angel funds or borrower “skin in the game” >plus< 39% tax-deductable credits (seperate from film tax credits) for film studios creating “sustainable” 51%+ local jobs.

Experienced film studios (with MBA-CFO’s) that have used all the options above and successfully achieved a consistant annual 20% recapitialization rate for compounded “skin in the game” may want to pursue slate or library finance by acquiring financial instruments & leveraging them into cash trading platforms to achieve a non-recourse, non-liquidity fund; with weekly dividend installments nearing a 1 year total of $1B.

Plenty of details about this and other film finance options already on this blog feed for over 10  years.  Subscribe for updates of more options pending soon.  Use keywords above to index the options in 20 seconds.

There is no valid excuse for everyone who wants funding not to qualify if they are meetingfundingapprovalcriteria.com.

READ THIS: text subheading under the title of this blogfeed at the top of this screen.

2 thoughts on “I am running for IATSE District 2 National Convention Delegate. If you want more Craft 3 paid Union Film/TV jobs – vote for me

  1. I appreciate what you are trying to do, but do you have a version of this that doesn’t sound like a lawyer wrote it? I have no idea what most of this is and it frustrates me that I’m oblivious to it since I’ve worked in film for going on 31 years.


    • Yes, there is a further definition of each component of capital mentioned here throughout this blog feed researched, edited, and syndicated by me for over 10 years. JD-Lawyers and MBA-investment bankers have occasionally reviewed and concurred with my content during that time. If there was anything simplistic about what I about to undergo then every film producer would already be doing it. And they are not.

      Instead, you have argumentative people that can’t “find” any capital year after year. (Error #1) The same who claim they make profitable movies but are seeking VC every year and can’t prove their recapitalization rate much less know what that is. (Error #2) They also don’t think they need “skin in the game”. (Error #3) In the real world, you do if you expect any filminvestmentbanking.com. Feel free to subscribe to this blog feed if you wish to get updates. Also, connect with me on LI and FB.


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