PPM’s at the very least are time/labor consuming for an IRcallanddatacenters.com. (6-12 months average) SEC admits on own website “PPM’s may be difficult/impossible to sell” and “fraudsters often use unregistered offerings to conduct scams”

After reading this entire post; proceed to READ THIS in the heading of this blog feed and then to the CONTACT page link to our company website,

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The SEC’s mention of “fraudsters” above means “borrower fraud”.  Recognized by the national news/TV shows/Journals/this blogfeed for at least 7 years as the #1 cause in the rise of financial fraud.  Remember borrower Bernie Madoff who sought investors?


PPM’s must be registered unless a registration exemption is available and such filed exemption can be proven  to the general public.  A registration & the stock being publicly-traded are 2 different issues.  Way too many claim they have an exemption or registration that never materializes.  One reason is the cost of fees.

EB-5 is another form of PPM’s and averages nationally a 6% annual marketing fee assuming a $10M raise or $600,000 per  year.  Larger capital amounts may take longer then a year to complete.  3 notable examples are; (a) 1,200 EB-5 investors contributing $600M for the Hudson Yards mixed-development in Manhattan; (b) 1,995 EB-5 investors contributing $999M (or 25% of the budget) to the 57-story Resorts World Las Vegas; (c) EB-5 investors funded $400M for the SLS Hotel, also in Las Vegas.

NO revenues, NO purchase orders, NO distribution agreements, NO monetizable tax credits coupled with 80% gov matching funds, NO hard assets,  NO surety bond, NO financial instruments, NO 3rd party current IP appraisal,  NO appraisal or SKR, NO 20% LTV cash reserves known as company  founder VESTED interest required to be called an INVESTMENT … suggests a firm is largely in the concept stage.

Taking a company from concept stage to the retail marketplace meets the definition of >business development< and not brokering. Of which raising capital is merely a component of CRM support or 1/7th of options available & listed on WHAT WE DO page.

Last but not least; is the fact that PPM’s have NO market value and thus are subjective. Publicly-traded stock like (DPO’s) or Direct Public Offering’s (a) filing costs are nearly the same as PPM’s (b) do NOT require investors to be accredited, (c) allow your cast & crew, supply-chain, Distributors, Theater-owners, P&A media barterers, & movie goers to all be share-holders, (d) and non-recourse stock loans against some DPO shares can be approved in as little as 2 weeks for fast working capital.

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Fortunately, IR firm GLOBALCROSSROADSCAPITAL.COM is a VETBIZ that is management certified in the commercialization of technology by the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA). One of several CRM options in each of our 7 departments providing comprehensive  IR customer service.

Read TIMELINES chart on this blogfeed; and also follows INTAKE FORM on company website.  If your deadline is 30 to 90 days (most are) then equity marketing campaign raises to a widespread audience of microcap individuals is impracticle and backwards to the correct sequence of capital raising.

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