The 1% (on FB/Youtube) preaching “Don’t Invest your own $ for your film” vs. the 99% real world of why the national finance industry require investments to have a VESTED BORROWER known as “skin in the game”

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Put yourself in the mindset of a P/E firm or any other TYPE of funder. For what reason would you invest 100% in anything for something where the borrower has 0% vested interest of a concept stage firm and offers you 10% of the speculative ROI?  NO sophisticated funder, lender or investors with any common sense would.  Especially when the national SOP for institutional P/E 100% investment ROI for revenue is 25% plus ownership of 51%+.

NOTICE to film producers or anyone; IF you do not have a VESTED interest in your film then you have no INVESTment. Contrary to the popular assumption “sweat equity” does not count to the national finance/investment industry.

IF you assume you do not have qualify for or payback principal with interest that is neither finance or investment.

IF you do not have any TYPE of investors then you are not financed. If you have no financing then you have no budget.

IF you have no budget then cast & crew are volunteers working for free. If no one is paid then it is just a hobby.

It is these hobbyists that are always claiming they cannot “find” any capital year after year.

There is no excuse for this since there is more capital in world markets than ever before in world history.

GOOGLE: ‘Millionaires, Billionaires, Unicorns and 11 Trillionaires by 2070’

Then there are film producers that claim to have made profitable films in the past but can’t show an annual 20% recapitalization  rate to prove “skin in the game”.

IF you can not define what specific TYPE of capital you are seeking then how on earth would you know what it takes for MEETINGFUNDINGAPPROVALCRITERIA.COM?

TYPE’s of capital take different timelines. The only TYPE of capital that consistently closes in under 30 days is Asset-based lending (ABL) or Revenue-based funding (RBF).

One example is called (P/O) or purchase order funding or (MG) Distributor Minimum Guarantee finance or pre-sales or film tax credits.

These are the only TYPE’s of finance that does not rely on financials of the borrower but IF the buyer is investment-grade.

Film producers also ignore fed “matching” funds of 80% to 20% of angel investors or own “skin in the game” plus 39% tax credits (in addition to film tax credits)

So back to “skin in the game” of VESTED Borrower. What is the “sweet spot” to 99% of the financial/investment industry?

Answer: 20%

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