The 11 Benefits of “Buy Now – Pay Later” FINSERVE operations costs up to 50% less then Itemized rates or (%) commissions A.K.A. “performance” fees contingent on client

Commission-only fees only in the financial industry has become the exception nationwide; unless you are referring to 50% commission “Boiler Rooms” as seen in movies like ‘Boiler Room’ or ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’, that occurred in the 1980s.  And any investment banking firm or tangentially-related IR media communications firm paying for CRM costs is unheard of.

Since 2007, the company website homepage for VETBIZ IR media firm GLOBALCROSSROADSCAPITAL.COM features a “4 FEE OPTIONS page consisting of 4 tangent & 1 intrinsic fees for clients to choose from. FEE Option #4 is called Deferred flat-rate annual fee also known as Staffing services invoice A/R. (OAC).  It is up to half the cost of FEE Option #1 called itemized (charged by most call centers) or FEE Option #2 called sliding-scale, recurring commissions; which may not cover our logistical COST-TO BENEFIT = 0% profit margin.  Why work for clients for free and PAY to do that?

Here are the numerous CLIENT BENEFITS to choose Deferred pro-rated A/R invoicing for 1-yr of CRM support over other options. Especially if they ask for multiple, time-consuming, & non-broker CRM departmental tasks/transactions; that obviously require staffing and logistics to be deployed and administered.

– – – – – –

(1) Up to 50% less (or potentially more) over Itemized rate or per-transaction recurring and sliding-scale commissions per year – I.E.  10% commission per $5M ABL funding round (less than 30 days) is $500K = annual flat-rate A/R Payroll funding.  But you still have 11 months to go.

(2) No out of pocket cost or Itemized or additional recurring fees / costs / commissions… no matter how many VC rounds or CRM tasks required / or monetary transactions in 1 year

(3) Issue paper contract on signed company letterhead or pending mobile/e-wallet invoice option

(4) Deferred and incrementally pro-rated flat-rate for 1-year (O.A.C.)

(5) Pay us nothing directly as 3-party A/R factoring party assumes the risk of client tab

(6) Pay anywhere – as soon as mobile/e-wallet tech logistics are in place

(7) No back-end fees, points, APR interest, or equity ownership dilution

(8) 3-party A/R factoring fees from 5% included in annual flat-rate

(9) Applicable and estimated 20% sales, city, county, state, & federal business taxes included in annual flat-rate

(10) No hourly or monthly billing for call center staffing or multi-media SOMOCLO marketing logistics

(11) No borrower “skin in the game” analysis or campaign strategy advisory or performance benchmark post-assessment for management consulting services monthly billing

– – – – – –

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