Master IR Professional Services Client Agreement

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– – – – – –

(1) Scope of Services

Party (A) VETBIZ – Allen & Associates (a pending C-corp) d.b.a.  GLOBALCROSSROADSCAPITAL.COM will provide Party (B) ______________________________________ the services & products listed on statement of work up to 1 year per agreement renewal.

(2) Statement of Work (SOW)

Contents of Statement of Work are provided on an elective basis for each client as some may not apply for everyone.  Each of the following mostly non-broker IR tasks are each considered a basis for an individual agreement but will be consolidated here.

(a) Administrative Services
will be provided in good faith but require mutual support and cooperation between service provider and client. Especially verifiable POF’s and monetizable POA’s docs without delay.

(b) Management (Client) Consulting

(c) Business Pre & Benchmark Assessments

(d) & SOMOCLO & AI marketing Staffing Support

(e) Supply-chain & VC Cost Containment (Want to pay 12% VC or 25% VC?)

(f) Procurement & Logistics Support

(g) Asset Monetization or Trade Platforms (Always 1st priority)

Further examples of client (elective) options found on new WHAT WE DO company website page

(3) Term Agreement

Term of up to 1 year for ABL customer service
And additional elective client 1-year option for deferred pro-rated annual fixed (A/R) O.A.C.  All tasks & numerical transactions are inclusive in fixed cost during this time

(4) Budget / Deadlines for Costs & Fee Payments

(a) Monthly Itemized rates for call centers are considered SOP nationwide for clients who chose that option. Itemization is calculated by # of staff required by # of hours involved + infrastructural costs + applicable taxes.  Also can apply to most 1-off tasks taking less then >30< days.

(b) Asset-based funding & trading is always prioritized 1st.  All Intake Forms claiming to have POF’s/POA’s must be submitted for verification within >72< hours. Commission (%) fee is Lehman formula sliding -scale downward of PER transactional sum or; 10% = from $500K; 5% = over $10M; 1% over $100M.

(c) ABL Minimum raise of $3M up to $5M if achieved in less than 1 year client may OPT to transition to deferred option (O.A.C) by 3rd party.

(d) Additional 1 year client option for deferred pro-rated annual fixed rate $500K Staffing Payroll Accounts Receivable (A/R).

(O.A.C.) All >tasks & numerical transactions< are inclusive during this time if A/R is approved by 3rd party funder subject to $500K POF’s.

(e) Confidentiality fee of 0.5% over commission % transactional sum waived if (See #7).

(5) Independent Contractor

Party (B) Client is not responsible for payroll taxes or Workman’s comp for Party (A) staff. Neither Party (A) or Party (B) are authorized to speak for / make representations / or contract commitments on behalf of the other.

(6) Deliverables

Party (A) the supplier shall provide the goods and/or services selected by Party (B) described in the (SOW) above; although in part subject to Party (B)

(7) Confidentiality

Lack of Confidentiality is a real liability for FINSERVES on Wall Street who breach client requested confidentiality. Clients cannot be made to forego their confidentiality. But we recognize it hinders call center logistical capability and has a quantitative brand equity value to FINSERVE’s.

Therefore, clients who voluntarily waive confidentiality expressing goal completion satisfaction by listing our credits >online, on-screen and in-print< will be waived this 0.5% of the value of transactional VC sum and/or market-cap This fee has been mentioned on company blog feed since 2007 under “Definition of a client”.

Sign initials here if Party (B) is voluntarily waiving confidentiality _______

(8) Party (A) Representation & Warranties

Responsibility for Personnel

Party (A) is responsible for all staffing requirements of 8 departments disclosed on WHAT WE DO company website page

(9) Hold Harmless

Party (B) to hold harmless Party (A) for omissions or term sheet disputes by funder / lender / investor database. Equity investors are not advantageous for the client in 1st funding phase.  Especially if “participating or deferred” clauses are in the term sheet. And tradeable securities must exist to sell equity. We have disclosed both for years on the company blog feed.

(10) No Exclusivity

When we do our job for Party (B); consumer brand recognition & market cap valuation enhancement attracts VC as the “word gets out”.  Everyone expressing interest can automatically be assumed as originating from the same core source. As a result, exclusivity is moot & not a basis for termination of agreement.

(12) Intellectual Property

Party (A) may assist Party (B) in IP development state cost assistance & facilities acquisition matching funds & energy incentives when applicable.  But Party (A) does not share in IP or equity-share ownership or revenue sharing of Party (B) for compensation.

(13) Force Majeure

Party (A)&(B) will not be liable for Acts of God.

(14) Disputes

Any disputes by Party (A)&(B) shall be heard in the judicial jurisdiction of Las Vegas in Clark County, of the corporate-tax exempt State of Nevada.

(15) Miscellaneous

In this entire agreement the Party (B) client agrees to be held liable for ANY type of client payment(s) when due and all legal & collection costs IF applicable.

Payments can be wired bank to bank by party (B) or hand deliver bank check to our company bank account Party (A) at any USBANK location in 25 states; including the USBANK Tower in downtown LA.  Bank account and routing #’s provided if required.

Payment required within 24 hours of Party (B) client receipt of each funding round except…  for payments for optional deferred fixed-rate staffing A/R’s are pro-rated monthly and paid directly to A/R funder.

If involved with a trading platform, Party (B) client may authorize in writing for platform manager to pay Party (A) directly

(16) Applicable Law

May include state, federal, & SEC regulatory jurisdiction

(17) Termination

Self-termination & non-payment by client is considered a breach of good faith to reach a mutual successful agreement.

(18) Non-Competition

Party (A) or (B) cannot compete in each others respective industry for a period of (3) years after successful completion of initial agreement / or extension.

(19) Amendment

This agreement may be extended annually by mutual consent of both Party (A) and (B)

Sign initials here _______ if Party (B) is authorizing 1 year extension subject to (O.A.C). by 3rd party

(20) Assignments

Party (A) or (B) may not assign, cede or transfer any of it’s rights or obligations under this agreement without consent of the other Party; no matter by M&A, sale, or otherwise.

(21) Waiver

No waiver of terms not already expressed in this agreement.


the parties hereto have executed this agreement in good faith & mutual cooperation effective as of the date;


Party (A) Legally recognized/
Authorized e-Signature;

Jeffrey D. Allen

Print Name & Title
Jeffrey D. Allen, CEO

(702) 369-2621> 9am – 5pm M-TH & 9am – 5 pm Fri – Pacific Time.  Closed weekends & holidays to include Veterans Day.  Global A/V tele-conferencing: (Skype) SinCityFinancier

for VETBIZ – Allen & Associates, d.b.a. GLOBALCROSSROADSCAPITAL.COM (pending C-corp) since 2007.  Existing client support offices at in Las Vegas and also (pending) in Beverly Hills, CA.

Party (B) Legally recognized/
Authorized e-Signature


Print Name & title

Company name

Street Address (NO POB)

Party B (optional)
Authorized e-signature for supplemental 2nd annual fixed-rate Customer Service (O.A.C.)

Print Name & Title

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