Unsecured Funding Program $500K per person – Add 5 co-signers “Cashless Investors” = >$3M in 3 weeks< previously advertised on this blog feed & social media

What to Know about Financing Films with loans. “By Far the major source of Film Financing” as reported by both Forbes & IMDB. Thanks to FilmInvestmentBanking.com.

Jeffrey D. Allen – IATSE District #2 Delegate – “Roadmap” to more paid Craft 3 Film/TV careers in the Entertainment Capital of the World

I am running for IATSE District 2 National Convention Delegate. If you want more Craft 3 paid Union Film/TV jobs – vote for me

Movie clip: ‘BOILER Room’ – Ben Affleck’s HR Director orientation to WALL St. broker applicants. If you think finance = donations don’t watch this.