VETBIZ Vegas AI wire feed 2020 sample of recommend picks for funders & BUYers

Nevada Film Office 41 budget line item checklist to determine (a) Film Tax Credits to package with both (b) Film Distro MG’s & (c) 35% Nevada collateral program for Film production bank loans to $20M

Simplified Vegas (IR) VETBIZ Homepage Navigation Bar – 2020

Jeffrey D. Allen – IATSE District #2 Delegate – “Roadmap” to more paid Craft 3 Film/TV careers in the Entertainment Capital of the World

The 1% (on FB/Youtube) preaching “Don’t Invest your own $ for your film” vs. the 99% real world of why the national finance industry require investments to have a VESTED BORROWER known as “skin in the game”

Nevada 35% LTV cash collateral program for biz loans not over $20M for most industries includes FILM & Digital Media Production. Also, see 25 other financial instruments & incentives listed below

I am running for IATSE District 2 National Convention Delegate. If you want more Craft 3 paid Union Film/TV jobs – vote for me

Movie clip: ‘BOILER Room’ – Ben Affleck’s HR Director orientation to WALL St. broker applicants. If you think finance = donations don’t watch this.