Planning Strategy Table of Contents: Annual IR support for TV Racing Sports Event – Leveraging Government Grants, 30% Tax Credits, Sponsorships, Bartered Equity, Partnerships, EB-5 Angel Investors, Pre-sales, Vendor & POS Finance, etc.

Vegas IR/PR Media firm “4 FEE Options” 2020 major change: #1 option – “BUY NOW – PAY LATER” Staffing Payroll Annual A/R’s

The 11 Benefits of “Buy Now – Pay Later” FINSERVE operations costs up to 50% less then Itemized rates or (%) commissions A.K.A. “performance” fees contingent on client

TABLE OF CONTENTS: “” for “” of proposed revenue-based asset portfolio development

PPM’s at the very least are time/labor consuming for an (6-12 months average) SEC admits on own website “PPM’s may be difficult/impossible to sell” and “fraudsters often use unregistered offerings to conduct scams”

(7) Departments comprising an IR media communications firm: Shows why if all it took to “get” funded was to “find it” then everyone would already be

Nevada 35% LTV cash collateral program for biz loans not over $20M for most industries includes FILM & Digital Media Production. Also, see 25 other financial instruments & incentives listed below