PPM’s at the very least are time/labor consuming for an IRcallanddatacenters.com. (6-12 months average) SEC admits on own website “PPM’s may be difficult/impossible to sell” and “fraudsters often use unregistered offerings to conduct scams”

(7) Departments comprising an IR media communications firm: Shows why if all it took to “get” funded was to “find it” then everyone would already be MeetingFundingApprovalCriteria.com

Nevada 35% LTV cash collateral program for biz loans not over $20M for most industries includes FILM & Digital Media Production. Also, see 25 other financial instruments & incentives listed below

Following June’s Slack IPO debut valuation of $21B; Bulls Cite Its Potential to ‘Severely Displace Email’ for B2B communications

GAME CHANGER: FIX & Flip home bridge loans of 75% LTV & 90% LTC up to $2M w/True Deferred NO payments until loan repays (when SFR is SOLD)

WhereITmeetsIR.com: Vegas IR firm’s 4 pending B2B FINTECH Platforms to expedite our clients raising to $5M inside 30 days.

Mark Cuban says there’s only one ($) reason he’ll agree to a meeting – Business Insider – Welcome to the 21st Century